Lewis Road Creamery Has Just Released A Lactose-Free Version Of Their Infamous Chocolate Milk

By Armelle Frimpong
3rd May 2021

A person pours a glass of Lewis Road Lactose Free Chocolate milk.

Has it really been seven long years since Lewis Road Creamery first revealed their now-iconic collab with Whittaker’s and dropped their next-level chocolate milk on the unsuspecting masses? We bore witness to the madness which came with the inevitable shortages as demand outstripped supply—limits on milk acquisition, security guards in the milk aisle and a thriving black market trade—and marveled at the country’s headline grabbing response. In short, it was a big fkn deal.

In response to those who have not been able to guzzle the chocolate nectar, the legends over at Lewis Road have today just dropped a lactose-free version of their epic chocolate milk. Will wonders never cease?

The chocolate milk is made with the same original recipe combining Lewis Road Creamery’s permeate free white milk and Whittaker’s 5 Rolled Refined Creamy Milk Chocolate, but just without the lactose. Lewis Road Creamery’s Lynette Maan says the company received many requests from its followers to expand its lactose-free range, with chocolate milk number one on the wish list.

“We are delighted to answer the call and provide an indulgent chocolate milk treat that also
delivers on essential natural nutrients. We believe everyone deserves their chocolate milk moment.” Amen to that. 

The Details

What: Lewis Road Creamery Lactose-Free Chocolate Milk
Where: All good supermarkets worth their salt
When: From today

Image credit: Lewis Road Creamery

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