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Sly K Road, A Hidden Prohibition-Era Speakeasy Has Opened On Your Favourite Road

By Armelle Frimpong

We just love K road—the eclectic nightlife, the colourful characters, the delicious restaurants, the lively bars and the slightly dangerous mood. So we were stoked to discover that there’s a new spot to hit up on an epic night out.

Hidden behind an unassuming doorway lies K Road’s coolest new joint, Sly. Take note of the framed artwork outside which warns ‘snitches’ to stay away and gives you an idea of what lies within.

Prepare to take some time to find the actual door, but when you do, you’ll be ushered into a dimly-lit space just oozing with character. Owners Freddy Brignone and Julia Willis, formerly of the utterly gorgeous café Florette on Dominion Road, have been on the hospo scene for years and are passionate about good service and damn good music. The space has a grungy yet sumptuous feel, rough walls are offset by a stunning crystal chandelier, antique till, telephone and other vintage touches. Pop a gumball from the retro gumball machine on the bar and survey the scene.

A portrait of famed filmmaker David Lynch adorns the wall, and sitting happily alongside stills from Mulholland Drive and Jimi Hendrix there are countless curios hinting at dark pasts.

Pull up to the solid mahogany bar and ask the experienced mixologist for your favourite cocktail. Beers will be served shrouded in a paper bag, prohibition-style, while your cocktail will make its way to your chosen pew in an evocative Italian crystal glass. The spirits served here are all top notch too, bourbon, gin, whiskey, absinthe (depending how your night is going), and a rather tasty gin liqueur are just a few examples of what’s here for the tasting, including the benchmark that all other bourbons are held against—the 1792 Bourbon. You’d usually expect to pay through the nose for such top shelf tipples, but prices will be kept deliberately low with cocktails costing no more than $15 and $9 for beers.

What about a bit of kai to soak up the good booze? Expect mouthwateringly excellent loaded hotdogs from our friends at Westmere Butchery that take their influences from all corners of the globe. Perhaps you’ll plump for a Gallic-inspired dog with French mustard, caramelized onion, brie and fresh tarragon, or be more in the mood for the Asian style chicken and coriander sausage, miso slaw, dried shallots and Kewpie mayo. We won’t judge if you want to go for the All American dog with cheddar, onions, ketchup and mustard, the vibe is so New Orleans it’d be rude not to.

Here's to Sly, you’ll find us tucked in a corner drinking in the sultry atmosphere (and maybe just a cocktail or two).

For more images and information, including opening hours, click here.

Image credit: Wono Kim, Sly

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