New Zealand’s Most Haunted Locations

By Ben Tunui
25th Jul 2017

New Zealand’s Most Haunted Locations

We’ve been told that the feeling of being scared can burn off more calories than going on a walk—and so, us peeps here at The Urban List did some digging to discover some of New Zealand’s scariest stories. Turn off the lights, and be prepared to scare yourself silly …you’re not on your own are you?

From the weird and creepy to the downright unbelievable, The Urban List have conjured up some of New Zealand’ spookiest hot spots. Prepare to freak out, and don’t forget to pack that spare pair of undies—you’ll need ‘em.

#1 Kingseat Hospital

What was once a psych hospital and is now Spookers, Kingseat is said to be one of the countries most spookiest spots to date. Apparently more nurses than patients died in this hospital during its reign as the job itself took an emotional toll on the unfortunate few. It has been said that figments of a certain “grey nurse” can be found when wandering these corridors at night, accompanied by an icy cold chill––yikes.

#2 The Vulcan Hotel

The Vulcan Hotel is home to one of most notorious spirits to grace hotels in New Zealand—a prostitute named ‘The Rose.’ Based in Otago, The Rose once checked into this hotel alongside a male companion—the next morning she was found raped, robbed and was reportedly strangled to death. Rose often targets male visitors, some of which have felt held down or straddled during their stay…

#3 Camp Adair

You’d be a fool to live in Auckland and have no idea what Camp Adair is—try and name one school who didn’t have their camp hosted by this New Zealand favourite. Although…we aren’t sure this is the right place for young kids to be loitering around at in a summer camp…it is said that long ago, a group of young school kids were murdered in a room at the camp by their very own teacher. Freaky!! The next time you’re there, look a little closer—the red-headed teacher has been spotted on many occasions.

#4 Jubilee Pavilion

Now this is just downright spooky. These grand stands of Marton are reportedly home to a ghost known as ‘the shadow person’ who is seen to grace the grounds on friendly pretences. This figure is said to sit in the same seat, same row at sporting events regularly—“he” is said to be a homeless person who enjoyed coming down to the pavilion every weekend and catching a game of rugby. Must be a Kiwi.

#5 The Carlile House

This freaky spot is a lot closer to you than you’d think—and yes, this is totally aimed at all you Auckland's. Located on Richmond Road, The Carlile House is an abandoned orphanage that was once home to a group of young boys in 1996. 46 of those boys were killed in a fire in 1912. The spirits of these young boys are said to be in the building to this date, with reports of paranormal activity on a day-to-day basis upon visitors’ arrivals.

#6 Larnach Castle

Larnach Castle is another spooky site located on the Otago Peninsula—seems you Dunners’ folk have a fair bit of paranormal activity lurking around your grounds. It is said that one of Larnach’s daughters who lived there, Katie, died from typhoid cancer and continues to walk amongst the castle’s ballroom which was gifted to her for her 21st birthday. Larnach not long after Katie’s death, killed himself due to financial struggles—his figure is said to be seen lurking the corridors of the castle.

#7 Otira Tunnel

Not all ghosts are scary, in fact, this particular ghost is as friendly as they come. Located between Christchurch and Greymouth, the Otiral Tunnel accommodates the ghost of a Scotsman who was believed to be killed during the construction of the tunnel itself. Rumour has it that he is seen travelling east on the Old Coach Road in a desperate attempt to catch a ship home from Littleton. Cue the tissues…

#8 Lake Alice Hospital

When you hear the words spooky and hospital in one sentence, you’re sure to have those hairs on the back of your neck standing up…spooky stuff––and nothing gets spookier than the history of Lake Alice Hospital. Based in Manawatu, this creepy location was home to some of New Zealand’s most mentally insane patients to date. Sources tell us that a lot of abuse went down in these hallow halls, some involving electroconvulsive therapy.  It has been said that staff often feel the coldness of spirits and former patients amongst the hospital halls, and at times––the feeling of someone touching you…safe to say we will most definitely not be visiting this hospital anytime soon.

#9 Spirits Bay

Spirits Bay, based in the North Island, is home to a great amount of cultural significance. It has been said that this particular is home to those of Maori descent, in which they travel to Spirits Bay as a form of their own afterlife. It is a place in which the dead gather and depart…which we think is pretty damn special. There have been several reports of apparitions over the last five years, some believing it is those who have passed, finding their light to the afterlife.

#10 Erskine College

If you’ve seen Peter Jackson’s film ‘The Frighteners’, then this spooky location may seem familiar­­––and if it’s creepy enough to be the main setting of a PJ film then it goes without saying this place is pretty damn scary. Many have reported the likes of ghosts, sounds and apparitions amongst this old school…some even say that the sounds and orbs are most likely the ones of students and teachers who attended this Sacred Heart Society. If you’re ever in Wellywood this is definitely one for the books––unless of course you can’t handle it…

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Image credit: Chris Stevenson at Larnach Castle

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