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Grab Your Board, Here Are The Best Stand Up Paddle Boarding Spots In Auckland

By Natasha Van Der Laan
14th Feb 2020

A couple going into the surf, Mission Bay Watersports

Thanks to paddle boarding, you can get amongst water sports without getting your hair wet. That is, of course, if all goes according to plan and you don’t tumble off backwards (like us—though to be fair, it was VERY windy). Paddle boarding hit the scene a few years ago and if anything, the craze only seems to be gathering pace. Lucky for us, Auckland has a whooole lot of places where you can get amongst. Here’s our picks of the best stand up paddle boarding spots in Auckland. 

Point Chevalier

Learn the ropes of SUP (that’s ‘stand up paddle boarding’ to you and I) at Point Chevalier. Here, the water is sheltered and shallow—making it the perfect place to take your first steps… or should we say paddles? Sign up for a lesson with NZ Boardstore or have a go at doing it alone and hire a board.

Mission Bay

Mission Bay is the home of stand up paddle boarding—and for good reason. Despite what the name may suggest, it’s no mission to get to Mission Bay. The beautiful sandy beach is just 10 minutes from the heart of Auckland CBD. Sign up for a lesson at Mission Bay Watersports and you’ll soon be coasting around like a boss. Take things to the next level with their fitness sessions. The one-hour workout will have you working up a sweat and toning that bod of yours. The best part? There’s no sweaty gym equipment in sight. 


Shore kids can get their SUP fix at Takapuna. The combination of calm waters and harbour views makes it a pretty nifty spot. If you’re after a lesson or want to hire a board, Stand Up Takapuna have you covered—they even do tours. Round up your squad and enjoy a Sunday morning paddle. Afterwards head to Takapuna Beach Café for a well-deserved lunch—followed by gelato, of course.

Stand Up PaddleboardersCastor Bay

When it comes to paddle boarding, the shore has got it going on. Take your board to Castor Bay and enjoy a paddle along the pohutukawa-lined beach. If you’re feeling particularly co-ordinated, try your hand at paddle board yoga. Yup, it’s a thing. Hit up NZ SUP Yoga to find out more about their Saturday classes.


Head further afield for a paddle at Omaha beach. Test your new found skills in the surf—you never know, you may just catch a wave. Consider yourself a bit of a pro? Sign up for the New Zealand SUP Nationals at Omaha beach and paddle your way to victory. Go you speed demon, you!

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Image credit: Mission Bay Watersports, Ben Thouard

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