Live The Good Life With Our Sustainable Summer Hosting Guide

By Jess Willemse

A group of people enjoying a rooftop picnic

If there’s one thing we love about summer, it’s the stacked social cal. And after this year, throwing on your party threads never felt so good. Whether it’s balmy beachside picnics, classy evening soirées or just a good old festive dinner—summer is where the socialising is at.   

But here’s the thing; this year’s social season is all about slowing down, reconnecting and living the good life—for both us and the planet. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the eco crew over at BioPak to help you make good on sustainable hosting. Whether it’s thoughtful decor, compostable cutlery or zero-waste catering, here are seven simple ways to upgrade your event to eco in style.  

Collect Conscious Decor  

The seasonal aisle at your local Kmart may be tempting, but it’s a sure-fire way to gather stuff you just don’t need. If you want event decor that will last many seasons, consider collecting high-quality, versatile pieces that can flex with the occasion. Get the linen factor right with Bed Threads tableware collection—from 100% French flax linen tablecloths to placemats and napkins; these pieces will last a lifetime. Accent your setting with handcrafted ceramic vases, recycled glass candle containers and dried flowers or eucalyptus. By nailing the basics, you’ll always be prepped for a conscious get-together.

Opt For Party-Ware That Won’t Last

Yes, you read that right. When choosing disposable cups, plates and cutlery, make sure it spends the least amount of time possible on this earth. That’s why biodegradable options are where it’s at. Our choice for picnic and party-ware that backs the planet is BioPak. They’ve moved to make their packaging completely plastic-free, as well as offering essentials that break down in your compost. From wooden cutlery to sugarcane dishes and paper straws, they’ve got your feel-good event well and truly covered. Level things up and head to Compost Connect to get clued up on composting in your local area.

Go Zero-Waste With Catering 

If you’re charged with serving the smorgasbord yourself, rest assured zero-waste catering doesn’t have to come at the cost of flavour. In fact, choosing options that rely on less packaging often means the item is both fresh and made with love. When it comes to carbs, pick up a French stick from your local bakery—bruschetta, anyone? You could also try your hand at homemade crackers, DIY bougie hummus, drool-worthy pesto or a technicolour display of organic veggies. Trust us, your guests will be impressed. Or, if you’d rather grab something on the go—opt for a Mexican feast from Mad Mex, who use plant-based packaging.

Reduce, Reuse, Craft 

Whether it’s Christmas dinner, a New Years brunch or a birthday bash, you’ll want a few special elements to make the occasion more memorable. Skip the (very unsustainable) gold number balloons and instead put your creativity to work. Give garish old Christmas ornaments a new lease on life with a lick of paint, or craft a DIY garland out of old cardboard boxes. If gifting is involved, opt for reusable wrappings like a tea towel or fabric hair scarf instead of single-use wrapping paper.   

Embrace Seasonality

If you’re going to the effort of an eco-friendly shindig, you might as well double-down on connecting with nature and the seasons. When it comes to flowers, we know these can be a big waste of money and resources. But if you want to add some flair to your event, opt for in-season local varieties to reduce your floral footprint. The same school of thought applies to produce. Check out what fruits and veggies are in season when planning your menu, and do your best to source these locally. In short, we’ll see you at the farmers market. 

Back Your Community 

Going local is where it’s at because it reduces the transport emissions involved in supplying your products. Plus, your hard-earned money is spent where it belongs—in your community. From food and catering to furniture hire, drinks supplies and decor, there’s a slew of talented creatives around your ’hood ready to level up your event. Whether it’s picking up drinks from your local craft brewery or scoring dessert treats from your neighbourhood baker, you really can’t go wrong. And if you’re wondering where to even start, check out Shining Peak who use compostable beer ring holders.

Get Among E Transport 

Far-flung, hard to reach locations are so last year. In keeping with the chill vibe of this events season, it's all about making your shindig easy to get to. Choosing a central location is a bonus on all accounts, especially when getting home safely after a boozy evening. What's more, you can encourage guests to jump on the eco train with environmentally friendly transport options like walking, carpooling, catching public transport or riding e-scooters. 

Get those good feels this summer by backing both your party and our planet with BioPak. Their compostable picnic and party-ware range is stacked with the good stuff like wooden cutlery, sugarcane dishes and paper straws.

Editor’s note: This article is sponsored by BioPak. and proudly endorsed by Urban List. To find out more about who we work with and why read our editorial policy here.

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