Get Ready To Go Off Grid, Unyoked’s Coveted Nature Escapes Are Coming To NZ

By Abby Porter

Someone puts his feet up at the first NZ cabin.

If suffocating under a pile of to-do lists sums up your day-to-day vibe, you’re probably in need of some serious rest and relaxation. It’s due time to unwind, and what could be further from deadlines, meetings, and spreadsheets than lush wilderness, peaceful birdsong, and a night under the stars? Lucky for you, tranquillity is closer than you think. 

Meet Unyoked, the superstar brand bringing you the cosy nature escape of your burnt-out dreams. These guys have been taking Aussie by storm with their breathtaking, somewhat mysterious eco-cabin locations dropping all over the country.

We’ve been longingly watching from across the pond and now it’s our time to enjoy the stunning outdoor vacay of a lifetime—Unyoked is finally launching their very first New Zealand location, and it's going to be epic.

Maia sits in the middle of nowhere.

If you’re lucky enough to get a booking, you’ll find the cabin a few hours North-west (ish) of Auckland, amidst acres of native bush with a picturesque river flowing nearby. When it comes to the details, we’re as in the dark as you are. One of Unyoked’s characteristic quirks is the adventure involved—an adventure that includes not knowing exactly where you’ll end up. Once you book your stay, you’ll only receive the exact coordinates a couple of days before your stay. This uncertainty is part of the excitement, trust us. 

What you can be sure of is the gorgeous, utterly peaceful abode you’ll be walking into. Compact, solar-powered, and built with locally sourced, sustainable materials, Unyoked’s cabins offer the ultimate eco-friendly stay. There are no compromises on comfort either—this isn’t your average holiday-park camping trip. In your adorable cabin, you’ll find a plush bed, a blissfully hot shower, and everything you need to cook a delicious al fresco dinner. 

The interior of the first NZ Kiwi Unyoked cabin.

The only thing the cabins don’t have? Technology. Unyoked invites you to put down your device, silence your notifications, and give Netflix a rest. Their wholesome philosophy is all about unplugging and revelling in the beauty of the great outdoors without distraction. Trading modern stresses for immersion in nature isn’t only meditative in the moment, but great for raising your spirits and clearing your head in the long run.

Being Unyoked’s first-ever NZ location, a stay at this highly-anticipated cabin will be in high demand. If the massive waitlists in Aussie are anything to go by, you’ll want to get in quick. Though bookings haven’t yet opened (we’re on the edge of our seats!), you can sign up for the NZ cabin’s waiting list online now.

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Image credit: Jonny Goose.

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