We’ve Found Auckland’s Best Hotcakes

By Natasha Van Der Laan
31st Jan 2017

We've Found Auckland’s Best Hotcakes

Whoever came up with this cunning way of eating cake for breakfast, we thank you for your service to society. Truly, brunch would not be the same without light, fluffy and oh-so-delish hotcakes. Adorned with candy floss, drizzled with lashings of maple syrup and topped with blobs of creamy mascarpone, Auckland loves whipping up these delightfully thick pancakes! Here are some of the hot contenders (pun absolutely intended) for the best hotcakes in Auckland.

Hello Friends + Allies


Red velvet hotcakes. They’re a thing, people and you can get ‘em at Hello Friends + Allies. The rich red hotcakes are paired with pistachio praline, berry compote and dollops of mascarpone. If that’s not enough, these bad boys are then topped with candy floss. P.S. The café’s jam and cream-filled doughnuts are equally tasty.

Major Sprout

Auckland City

Speaking of candy floss and all things nice, Major Sprout also does cotton candy-topped hotcakes. You’ll be served a stack of superrr fluffy hotcakes alongside almond mascarpone, butterscotch and toasted marshmallows. Treat yo’self and opt to add a scoop of vanilla ice cream—go on, you deserve it.



Order the ricotta hotcake from Bambina and you’ll be served a bowl of prettiness with a hotcake hidden underneath. By prettiness, we mean fresh fruit (strawberries, blueberries and the like), seeds, millet puffs and mascarpone. To make it even MORE Instagramable, the hotcake is then adorned with microgreens and edible flowers—pretty and delish!

The Unbakery


Hotcakes can be healthy too, y’know. At Little Bird’s Unbakery you’ll hotcakes made from coconut, buckwheat, brown rice, ground almond and their secret ingredient… kumara! They’re drizzled with maple syrup and served will grilled banana (hellooo caramelised goodness) and dollops of coconut and macadamia butter.

Honey Café


Takapuna local Honey Café knows how to whip up a decent hotcake. A fave on the café’s all-day breakfast menu, the dish is a top contender for the biggest, fluffiest hotcakes in town—this stack is hiiigh. Honey’s ricotta hotcakes are generously topped with summer berries, seeds and vanilla maple syrup. Our fave part? The spoonful of blueberry mascarpone on top!

St Heliers Bay Café & Bistro

St Heliers

St Heliers Bay Café & Bistro keep things simple but so so SO delicious with their hotcake number. You’ll be served a stack of golden hotcakes topped with a thick layer of summer berry compote and a massive spoonful of mascarpone. If you’ve got room for dessert (there’s ALWAYS room), grab a scoop of ice-cream and enjoy a stroll along the beachfront.


Wynyard Quarter

Our hearts broke when Kindred took their blueberry pancakes off their menu. However, our heartbreak was quickly healed when we discovered their new-and-improved hotcakes. They’re drizzled with vanilla syrup and topped with poached rhubarb. The dish also comes with an artistic smear of crème fraîche for good measure.

Matakana Market Kitchen


When it comes to hotcakes, Matakana Market Kitchen don’t do things by halves. Their brunch menu stars not one, not two, but THREE hotcake creations. Choose between Nutella and banana, toffee apple orrr cheesy bacon topped with a poached egg and roasted tomato. The latter is the perfect solution to the I-want-hotcakes-but-I-don’t-want-a-sweet-breakfast dilemma (we’ve all been there).



Auckland newcomer Scout is shaking up Auckland’s hotcake scene with their blueberry pikelets. Yes, they’re not *technically* hotcakes but who’s counting—they’re delish! The oh-so-fluffy hotcakes pikelets are paired with yuzu curd, summer stone fruit, coconut and organic maple syrup. Opt to add streaky bacon and you’ll be away laughing.

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Image credit: Lauren Matilda Matthews at Major Sprout


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