EatClub Terms and Conditions

EatClub x UrbanList Competition T’s & C’s:

10x winners selected at random
Each winner gets to choose 1x EatClub restaurant from the competition shortlist to redeem their $250 dinner with:

The first winner gets to select a restaurant out of the 10 available dinners
The second winner gets to select a restaurant out of the remaining 9 dinners
The third winner gets to select a restaurant out of the remaining 8 dinners
The 10th winner is awarded at $250 dinner at the remaining restaurant.

Restaurant shortlist: Project 49, Franco Choos, St LuJa, Xeom and Meatball & Wine Bar
Prizes redeemable from December 7 onwards and subject to individual restaurant opening times. 
The total value of the dinner is capped at $250
Winners are unable to split the prize into multiple dinners, the total value of the prize is only valid for the agreed booking date & time
This prize is not redeemable for cash or any monetary value
Winners have to nominate 3 dates/times they want to redeem their prize but bookings are subject to the restaurant’s availability

Winners that don’t nominate dates/times within 7 days of being contacted will have their prize revoked and another winner will be selected

Winners must have the EatClub app downloaded and show the $250 dollar voucher upon arrival at the restaurant
The prize is valid for dine-in only. No takeaway.
Winners can be joined by as many friends as they like, but their total party size is subject to the maximum size that the restaurant allows.