Paramount House Hotel


80 Commonwealth Street
Surry Hills, 2010 NSW
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The Details


The Verdict

Built in the spot previously existing as the offices of Paramount Picture Studios, the hotel is designed through a fusion of heritage and contemporary details.

The restoration project, led by Russell Beard, Ping Jin Ng and Mark Dundon, offers spacious suites called Mack Daddy, along with New York-style lofts, decked out with a modern palette of Japanese timber, concrete and terrazzo. A lot can be said about a hotel from its amenities and this is where Paramount House passes the test with flying colours. Each room has amenities by Aesop (your skin will love), LP’s Quality Meats providing the mini-bar snacks (your stomach will love) and natural wine from the Barossa Valley by Tom Shobbrook (which you’ll just love because wine). 

Paramount House Hotel is a design project by the Melbourne-based Breathe Architecture. It is the first accommodation offering by owners Russell Beard, Ping Jin Ng and Mark Dundon; a team formed through their love of all things hospitality. Together, this talented trifecta run Paramount Coffee Project and Bondi Hall in Sydney, and PCPLA in Los Angeles. Beard runs the Surry Hills micro-roaster and cafe Rueben Hills. Dundon leads much-loved Melbourne coffee brand Seven Seeds. 

This rustic, but incredibly classy restoration to make the Paramount House Hostel epitomises Surry Hills and Sydney living which basically means it’s the ultimate place to hide out for a staycay or international visit.

Image credit: Tom Ross