Peanut Butter Bar


Ph: 0422 353 691

161 Norton Street
Leichhardt, 2040 NSW
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The Details

Need to Know
  • Child Friendly
  • Gluten-Free
  • Healthy Options
  • Dessert
  • Take Away

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The Verdict

Stop everything. No, really, this is important guys. Sydney is now the very proud owner of a Peanut Butter Bar. Oh yeah, this place is completely dedicated to every glorious form of everyone’s favourite spread—peanut bloody butter. The best part? Their ‘clean cheats’ are 100% guilt free. Now that’s something we can get behind.

Here at The Urban List, we’ll take any teeny tiny excuse to call something healthy. With that in mind, the menu is jam packed with house-made gelato, cookies, brownies and peanut butter bars, and it would be wrong to not eat all of the above. But just remember moderation is key, no one wants to OD on peanut butter now, do they? 

If salted peanut butter & choc-chip skillet cookies don’t sell it enough, then the high protein, low sugar gelato definitely will. Like we said, it’s totally healthy here and we’ll just keep saying it. Not to mention they have created a whole variety of vegan options, we’re talking shakes and cheesecakes, so you can bring along your vegan BFF and spoil them silly.  

So it’s finally time to put down the tub, turn off the toaster, and get your ass down to Peanut Butter Bar to try allllll of the nut butter goodness.