Feel Good With The Best Delivery Driver Moments That Got Our Readers Through Lockdown

By Sophie Oddo – Sophie is a Writer and Producer at Urban List.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year, to say the least. And when reflecting upon the year that’s been, we’ve found ourselves thinking of the frontline workers who have worked tirelessly throughout the last 12 months to keep us happy, healthy and safe. 

As self-professed foodies, we’d have to say that one of the most underrated of them all is the hard-working and often unthanked food delivery drivers that fuelled us during the pandemic and beyond. 

It’s why we’ve proudly partnered with Sunbites to celebrate the heroes in helmets who pulled up with a smile on their face and a brown paper bag in tow loaded with deliciousness from our favourite eateries. 

We wanted to continue the mission of Sunbites, The Good Fuel Co., by fuelling good deeds and sharing acts of kindness throughout our community. So, we asked you—our loyal readers and devoted foodies to tell us your most legendary food delivery driver tale and share the good vibes and positivity around. 

Mermaid Moment | Jenny

'We ordered Thai and the delivery guy arrived in an Ariel mermaid outfit. We asked him why and he said he lost a bet with his six-year-old and now had to wear a Disney outfit every day for a week! Too cute!' 

Burger Mayhem | Kevin

'I was living in Flinders St during the first wave of protests and the delivery driver braved the entire protest to deliver my burger. It was pretty intense!' 

Quarantine Countdown | Susan

'Our delivery driver left us a supportive message while locked down in quarantine. He left a 14-day countdown chart, hand-written on our meal package. Thoughtful and left us in stitches.' 

Hurling Houdini | Lucas

'I had accidentally lost my door pass to the apartment building I was living in. However, this was no issue for the delivery driver, who happily propelled my order bag up to me via the balcony—from an entirely different floor.' 

Sombrero Saviour | Alexandra

'My sister had just given birth and was recovering in a hotel room. She had a craving for Mexican food, so ordered herself a burrito. The power went out, and the front reception was empty. The delivery driver climbed the stairs to level 20… all whilst wearing a sombrero!' 

Sad Girl Gravy | Simone

'I ordered Mary’s burger and chips. I was going through some real troubles and was feeling sad so I asked if they could put in extra gravy for a sad girl. Next minute they sent me one of everything on the menu including drinks with a cheer-up note, all just to get a smile out of me. Faith in humanity restored.' 

Parking Pro | Kieren

'Our street was notoriously difficult for both navigating and parking and a one-way street added to the frustration. We watched with maximum appreciation as our super legendary delivery driver went around and around until parking a few blocks away and walking his way to our hearts...mass tip toward his awesomeness.' 

Curfew Ninja | Michelle

'The driver delivered cold wine after the first board meeting during curfew in Victoria, ran over the curfew by 2 hours, was stressful and I had nothing in the house. Never felt so grateful .'

Bucket Besties | Hannah

'I was isolated at home and ran out of supplies so ordered some essentials on Uber eats. I live in an apartment building and was worried about walking through the common area so I asked the delivery driver to come around the back. I had some rope tied around the pole on my balcony and had been using it to lift a bucket up and down the two stories. The delivery driver kindly offered to help fill the bucket and wait as I pullied up and down three loads. What a legend!' 

Rainy Day Deed | Melissa

'It was raining heavily. The delivery driver left my food at my front door, as per my instructions. However, he also left his umbrella to cover my food, so it wouldn't get wet. He waved from his car and after I went inside with my order, I watched him through my windows run back through the rain to retrieve his umbrella. He was soaked! Legend!' 

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