Where To Find Brisbane’s Best Chocolate

By Gabbi Johnston
8th Feb 2016

Chocolate is the go to gift when you don’t know what to give. But there are only so many boxes of Cadbury Roses that you can give before they start to get old. We know that everyone loves chocolate, so why not make it seem like you put a little more thought into your gift by giving that someone special chocolate that’s been handmade and handcrafted right here by our local chocolatiers!

We’ve got your go-to guide to chocolatey goodness, so you can impress anyone with your specialty chocolate gifts… or just keep it for yourself, because let’s be honest, it’s really, really good chocolate.

Kokopod Artisan Chocolate

Various Locations

Kokopod's individually crafted chocolates are made from a delectable combo of locally sourced products and sustainable Swiss cacao. We are obsessed with their Classic Macnuts (chocolate mouthfuls of caramelised macadamias) and their award-winning Honeycomb Bar.

Mayfield Chocolates

Spring Hill

At Mayfield, you can get all your traditional flavoured chocolates behind the glass cabinet that lines the store, but you can also find some unexpected flavours from Precious Heart (glaceed cherry and brandy), to Simply Lavender (lavender ganache in either milk or dark chocolate), and the Olympic Spirit (pecan praline and crispy rice in milk chocolate).

Chocolate to Die For

Brisbane CBD

Chocolate to Die For, on Adelaide Street in the CBD, is not a maker of chocolates, but more the deliverer of all your chocolate needs from both local and interstate chocolatiers. Want some of those decadent Mayfield chocolates we talked about earlier? Chocolate to Die For has you covered.

Bahen & Co.

Various Locations

If you find yourself at The Tiller  or Sourced Grocer , keep an eye out for of Bahen & Co chocolate range. Australian made and owned, Bahen & Co take pride in their ability to make top quality chocolate which is sourced to cafes and chocolate suppliers worldwide.

Mork Chocolate

Various Locations

Again, next time you’re getting coffee at Two Trees or The Burrow, look out for Mork Chocolate. Made in the heart of Melbourne, Mork takes pride in their range of authentic dark chocolate blends.

Noosa Chocolate Factory

Various Locations

The local favourite, Noosa Chocolate is handcrafted daily right here in Queensland, and is available in Brisbane’s CBD, as well as numerous other locations around the South-East. Utilising local products including Valencia orange pectin jelly slab, freeze dried whole Victorian Strawberries, Kingaroy cocoa dusted peanuts, semi dried chocolate coated cranberries, chocolate coated young Queensland ginger and chocolate coated South Australian Almonds, Noosa Chocolate Factory is all about quality chocolate made with love. And make sure you try their Rocky Road!

The Art of Fine Chocolate

Brisbane CBD

The Art of Fine Chocolate is the only Belgian chocolatier in town, which means top quality chocolate practically on your doorstep. Try their speciality truffles - chocolate mousse, wild cherry, hazelnut and coconut - cherry brandy or Kahlua chocolate shots, and the fudge which is unlike any other.

Love chocolate? Try Brisbane's Best Nutella Everything!

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