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Cryo Beauty Is The New Non-Invasive Alternative To Injectables You Need To Get Around

By Ranyhyn Laine
1st Sep 2021

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These days, we have a minor obsession with what we’re putting into our bodies. We cut sugar out of our diets, go vegan, buy organic, choose almond over soy and opt for natural over processed. So why is it that we’re so willing to inject a toxin like botox into our skin—especially when there’s an all natural and longer lasting alternative out there? 

If you’ve never heard of cryo beauty, it’s time to get around this non-invasive beauty treatment that’s taking the industry by storm. The treatment involves massaging your face and neck with a super cooled metal wand (it’s chilled down to just a few degrees celsius) to soothe puffiness by stimulating lymphatic drainage, improve your circulation, smooth out wrinkles by increasing blood flow and best of all, re-stimulate the collagen already in your skin for long-lasting effects. 

Sounds too good to be true? I thought so too—so I booked in with Tasha Homan at The Homan Brand to try out a cryo beauty facial for myself. An ex-model, presenter and stylist turned cryotherapy technician hailing from LA, Tasha is passionate about helping people look their best without resorting to invasive techniques—and has the before and after pictures to prove it. 

First up, Tasha spreads a soothing serum over my face and neck. Then, that super cooled wand is stroked over my chin, neck, cheeks, forehead and even under the eyes using gentle, upward movements. Yes, it’s cold, but not to a painful or uncomfortable level—the whole process, which takes about 30 minutes, is actually incredibly relaxing. 

Tasha takes before and after photos so you can see the change in your skin, and even after just one treatment (three to six is meant to be the sweet spot), the results are jaw-dropping. My chinline is more defined and the beginnings of the double chin that I thought was definitely in my future turned back by at least a few years. As a bonus, my rosacea had all but disappeared and hasn’t returned since. 

Want to know the best part? Unlike injectables, which typically need a top up every few months, once you’ve finished  a course of cryobeauty treatments (how many will be depend on your skin and the areas of concern), you won’t need to go back for long time, because your own skin’s natural collagen and blood flow has been stimulated—and will stay that way.

If you’re keen to switch to cryo beauty yourself, you can read up on the treatments The Homan Brand offers and book yourself in here. You’ll find the beauty spot inside Toganini’s on Wandoo Street in Forititude Valley. 

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Image credit: Seth Doyle 

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