A Dazzling Permanent Light Show Is Opening On K’gari Later This Year

By Hannah Chadirchi

If you thought the spectacular scenery of K’gari (Fraser Island) couldn’t get any better, you’re in for a pleasant surprise, because paradise has just leveled up. This September, Kingfisher Bay Resort is setting the night alight with ‘Illumina’, a revolutionary interpretative light show that aims to take your island experience up a notch.

A dazzling artistic display designed to enrich resort guests’ night-time experience and celebrate the natural wonders of the world’s largest sand island, Illumina’s premiere exhibition, ‘Return to Sky’, will showcase K’gari’s story of discovery, regeneration, and growth in one spellbinding 20-minute show. Viewed from a sustainably built amphitheatre, the show will take place on Kingfisher Bay Resort's wallum wetland area, featuring light installations, lasers, projections and more. 

The creation of the show is all thanks to Melburnian light artist Bruce Ramus and his team at RAMUS Illumination, who you might know from THAT incredible drone light show at Uluru. Renowned for creating mesmerising displays of colour and light, Ramus produces light shows that have been revered around the world. Taking inspiration from awe-inspired landscapes and ecosystem of K’gari, ‘Return to the Sky’ will celebrate the K’gari’s natural healing qualities and ability to rejuvenate itself.

According to Ramus, “Illumina will captivate audiences and enrich the mind and soul, while evoking a sense of wonder and appreciation for this remarkable natural environment.”  Best of all, you won't have to wait long to see it, with the experience opening in September. You can even book ahead right now, if you want to beat the crowds, with Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze packages available, all including accommodation at the four-star Kingfisher Bay Resort and ferry transfers as well as food and beverage additions.

To experience everything K’gari has to offer, check out the Platinum and Gold Packages for the complete island experience, including 4WD tours and premium resort accommodation options. Book your tickets and find out more here.

Image credit: Supplied 

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