Gelato Messina Is Dropping A Basque Cheesecake-Topped Gelato Tub Next Week

By Ranyhyn Laine
14th May 2021

a tub of gelato topped with cheesecake

Holy sheeeet, would you cop a look at Messina's latest gelato tub special? If you're not drooling over this tub of basque cheesecake gelato topped with a big ol' slab of toasted basque cheesecake, there is something off with your sweet tooth, my friend. 

The latest in Messina's of tub specials, this basque cheesecake number was first created for a special event in Sydney, and proved so epically popular that the gelato legends decided all Messina addicts deserved a chance to give it a go. Of course, judging by just how drool-worthy it looks, we're guessing it's going to mighty hard to actually get your hands on one, so we're telling you now—be ready when this bad boy goes on sale. 

To get your hands on this special Messinetta tub all you have to do is:

  1. Make sure you're sign up for pre-sale access right here so you get an email reminder.
  2. Order your tub at 9am on Monday 17 May here.
  3. Choose your pick up day and time from any Messina store (except The Star) over 3 days, from 21–23 May.
  4. From 21–23 May, waltz into your preferred Messina and pick up what's rightfully yours.

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Image credit: Gelato Messina

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