The Queensland Border Will Close Tomorrow And Here’s What It Means For You

By Claire Plush
24th Mar 2020

Queensland border closure coronavirus

If you’re staying up to date with the coronavirus news as it unfolds, you’re probably already aware that Queensland will officially close its borders at midnight on Wednesday. 

The NSW/Queensland border, which separates the Gold Coast and the Tweed, hasn’t been closed since the end of World War One, but the government are hoping this drastic measure will help stop the spread of coronavirus as the state’s tally continues to rise. 

Shutting the border to the highly-populated SE Queensland region, especially when many workers travel to NSW or vice versa to work, has already caused conflict but we wanted to let you know exactly what it means for you. 

So, here are the facts:

  • The QLD/NSW border will close from midnight, 25 March 2020. 
  • There will be police checks on major highways, with officers operating in RBT-style to determine who needs to cross the border. 
  • Penalties for crossing the border could include fines over $13,000.
  • Those who will be allowed to cross the border include: those travelling for work, medical treatment, emergency vehicles, freight and court orders. 

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has stressed that this move is for the public help and to stop non-residents bringing the coronavirus into Queensland.  

“Queenslanders should stay in Queensland, people in NSW should stay in NSW,” Palaszczuk said. 

There has been no indication of when the closure will be lifted, but we’ll keep you in the loop as new updates come through. 

Image credit: Jordan Donaldson

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