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Here’s How You Can Win A Wellness Getaway For Two And Spruce Up Your Healthy Habits

By Caitlin Booth
12th Aug 2022

We know that the first thing that sparks change is a solid reason. Whether it’s big life things like changing your job because you want to grow your skills or the nitty-gritty daily things like remembering to floss, there’s always a reason that transforms into motivation. 

But, sometimes motivation is as elusive as the dental floss in the back of the bathroom cupboard.

We know that establishing healthy habits is great for our overall wellness but sometimes life can get in the way of routine, so we’ve made it our mission to help you reach for your reason and stay motivated. 

Just like taking a daily multivitamin, we know that the key to success is developing routines that work with your life. This is why we’ve teamed up with Swisse Multivitamins to bring you Reason Season, a four-week course to help you establish healthy habits and improve your overall wellness. 

Plus, when you sign up, you'll go into the draw to win a local wellness getaway for you and a mate worth $4000. Head over here to sign up

What Is Reason Season?

Reason Season is a four-week course to help you craft healthy daily habits and routines. Across eight modules delivered directly to your inbox, we’ll help you find your reason for positive change and keep you motivated to kick the goals you set.

We’ll focus on Mornings, Workdays, Evenings and Weekends, establishing healthy habits in each part of your life to set you up for success. Expect to find content on all of the following and more:

  • The best goal-setting practices with wellness experts, Funny Business's Lachlan and Robbie
  • Tips on addressing burnout at work
  • How to have a cracker weekend without the hangover
  • Mindfulness techniques to keep your new routines on track
  • The best 15-minute workouts to weave into your week with [PT expert TBC by  07/07).

Sign up for exclusive access to modules hitting your inbox every Sunday and kickstart your week with a healthy dose of motivation.

How Is The Course Structured?

Sign up for Reason Season to gain first-look access to eight, habit-making modules that will land straight in your inbox every Sunday from July 31 to August  21. Each week we’ll focus on a different theme. Starting with Mornings, we'll work through the fundamental elements of your week, deep-diving into Workdays, Evenings and Weekends. By the end of the four weeks, you’ll have the tools to maintain newfound healthy habits and improve your overall wellness. 

How Can I Sign Up?

Simply head over here and follow the prompts to join us for Reason Season. To celebrate the launch of Reason Season, Swisse is giving you and a mate the chance to win a local wellness getaway worth $4000. When you sign up you’ll automatically go into the draw to win, and the first 100 lucky entrants will score $30 to spend on Swisse Multivitamins.

Whether you're ready to make a small change, like revamping your sleep routine for better quality z's or want to tackle some heavy-hitting reasons for change like burnout,  join us to find your reason this season. Head over here to sign up. 

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