We Asked About Your Investing Habits, Here’s What You Shared

By Caitlin Booth

When we say ‘investing’, ‘stocks’, ‘EFTs’ and ‘long-term wealth’, what images pop into your mind? Do they look like a Hollywood portrayal of Wall Street chaos, confusing spreadsheets, and an LED banner with the words ‘Buy Low! Sell High!’ flashing across it? If so, we’re here to paint a totally different picture of what your investment journey can look like. 

In partnership with Syfe, the investing app that champions long-term wealth and investment, we asked you about your money habits, so we can help you do money better.

Read on to find out what you told us, and for all the details on how to start your investing journey with Syfe. 

We Asked: How Do You Make Your Money Werk?

We’re all about the good things in life, spending time with your friends and family, treating yourself to your fave food and drinks, and getting out there to see stunning destinations. We also know that none of these things come for free, and knuckling down at work to make coin takes up a hefty chunk of time for most of us. We reckon if you’re working hard to make bank, the cash sitting in your pocket can do some heavy lifting too. 

When it comes to making your money work for you, rather than sitting stationary in a standard bank account, 20 per cent of you said that you utilise only a high-interest account while 20 per cent of you said you dabble in the investing game. A healthy 27 per cent of you said you do both, but interestingly, 34 per cent of you told us that you don’t make your money werk in either of these ways. 

We want to help reduce this number and give you more confidence to make your money work harder for you—not the other way around. A couple of perceived barriers to entry into the world of investing are the ideas that it's something that ‘other people do’ and that you don’t have enough money to get started with. This narrative has changed drastically in recent years.

If you’re someone who hasn’t started their investing journey yet and wants the convenience and security of an easy-to-use platform that champions long-term wealth building, an app like Syfe can be a great place to start. With access to over 10,000 US stocks & ETFs, plus leading crypto (and ASX stocks coming soon) Syfe is designed to be easy to use and grow your investing confidence as well as your wealth. 

One of our fave Syfe features is fractional trading, which means you can invest in companies like Apple, Disney, and Etsy with as little as US$1. This will help you suss if Syfe is the right platform for you, and to get a feel for the process without putting your whole holiday fund on the line.

We Asked: Where Do You Think You Can ‘Adult’ Better?

Another huge pillar in the landscape of investing in Australia is property. With interest rates climbing rapidly in the last 12 months, and all the extra costs involved in home ownership, including rates and stamp duty, buying a property—as an easy-to-enter investment strategy—can be a tricky rollercoaster to navigate. And we’re not the only ones putting property investment on the back burner for now; only nine per cent of you told us saving for a house is a top priority in your journey to adulting better. In contrast, a whopping 37 per cent of you said investing was your top priority when it comes to getting your adult act together. 

We also get that life is busy, and you don’t want your investing journey to feel like a second job, which is why apps like Syfe are a great resource to lean on. From sign-up to your first, second, or hundredth investment, Syfe is designed with your experience in mind. 

Because the aim of the game is long-term wealth growth, the app doesn’t demand daily monitoring. Bonuses like free monthly stock trades, low-cost brokerage and daily customer support mean that you can operate at your own pace—both how you want to and when you want to. 

They also offer a wealth of jargon-free learning resources, so you can expand your knowledge and put into practice real-world investing insights. 

After uncovering a little more about your investing feels, we want to tell you that you're not alone and there are ways of making your money work harder for you. The good news? If you're looking to kick-start your investing journey, download the Syfe app here, and complete a Syfe account set-up.

Keen to take the next steps on your long-term wealth journey? Head over here to download Syfe today. 

 Editor’s note: This article is sponsored by Syfe and proudly endorsed by Urban List. All content above is general advice, please speak to a financial expert when seeking specific financial advice. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make Urban List possible. Click here for more information on our editorial policy.

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