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Let The Dogs Out, Here’s 7 Dog-Friendly Beaches Near Brisbane To Cool Off At

By Rachel Lay
3rd Mar 2020

Dog-friendly beaches

Heading to the beach is the best part of summer—don’t even try to argue with us on that one. But, we have to admit, it does really suck having to leave your pooch behind. If you’ve ever felt that combination of excitement and dread that sinks in as you wave goodbye to your furry friend en route to the beach, then this one’s for you.

We asked Patch Pets, the social app for dogs, where to find the best dog-friendly beaches in and around Brisbane to hit up this summer—and here's 7 of the best. 

Nudgee Beach


While Nudgee beach may not win any points for being the most ‘exotic’ location, it is a) a beach and b) dog-friendly. Your pooch will love you if you bring them along to Nudgee beach for a jaunt across the mud flats. It’s the most fun a dog can have! The best part? Every weekend you'll find a dog wash and coffee van run by Bean and Bark standing by, ready to get your pooch fluffy and clean again, and ensure you're fully caffeinated. 

Colmslie Recreation Reserve


Colmslie Recreation Reserve may not offer much in the way of human swimming opportunities, but the beach here is a good time for canines. This spot has both a dog-friendly beach and a dog park complete with an obstacle course. Plus, with calmer beaches you can relax knowing your pup won’t get dunked.

North Shore 


A hidden gem and dog-friendly slice of paradise just outside of the city, Hamilton's North Shore beach is where your dog can keep cool by dipping their paws in the salty sea. Instead of chasing cars, they can bark at the boats sailing by, while you enjoy a coffee from the nearby cafe. 

Palm Beach

Gold Coast

Palm Beach is one of our favourite spots to visit with our dogs. It’s the perfect place to hang with your four-legged (and two-legged) friends. The dog section of the beach runs from Palm Beach Parklands around to Currumbin Creek and into the surf. We love Palm Beach’s café scene too, it’s really the perfect day out.

Doggy Beach


If the name didn’t give it away already, this one is dog-friendly—shocker! We’re not so sure where the name came from (we’re sure it’s the creation of a few local dog lovers) but we’re so thankful it’s there. Set in picturesque Noosa, you’ll find Doggy Beach at the Spit end of Hastings Street. This beach is seriously stunning; white sand, aqua, crystal clear waters and all of the dogs.

Buddina Off-Leash Area


The Sunshine Coast know their way around a dog beach or two. Buddina’s off leash area is one of our top picks for doggy beach trips. You’ll find the beach at the base of Point Cartwright. This huge stretch of sand will answer all of your pup’s dreams, there’s so much running to be done! Plus, there’s also an off-leash dog park above the beach!

Woorim Beach

Bribie Island

The entire southern coast of Bribie Island is dog friendly, so the world is pretty much your oyster. However, our favourite spot is Woorim beach. Why? Because it’s an endless stretch of white sand, blue waters and blue skies. Your dog will seriously love you after a trip here.

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Image credit: Patch Pets 

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