Get Off The Grid, Unyoked Just Dropped A New Tiny Cabin Near Brisbane

By Sophie Hart
14th Feb 2020

Unyoked are the unrivalled Aussie heroes of off-grid, cabin porn-style mini escapes. But their hit list of thoughtfully designed cabins has (until recently) been limited to just twelve in NSW and Victoria with a 5000+ waitlist, which means jumping the border and making a booking on a weekend that works for you and your fellow urban escapee has been tricky.

Well, the great news is that, just in time for all your impending winter adventures, Unyoked has announced they will be launching their very first Queensland cabin near Brisbane.

And, because visitors are sent coordinates a couple of days out from their stay, we can’t spill the details on the precise hideout for the new cabin. But, you can expect to find it in a secluded location within driving distance from the city, surrounded by forest and lush greenery fit for the ultimate glamping experience. 

If you can get yourself a booking, you better pack your spirit of adventure—Unyoked’s cabins do have little luxuries like linen sheets and a huge, soft bed, but you won’t find Wi-Fi or a TV. This is your time to disconnect with tech and reconnect with nature. Oh, and pro tip: locating your cabin via GPS coordinates isn’t quite as simple as rocking up to the right street address, so make sure you arrive with plenty of daylight to spare.

Bookings at the new cabin aren’t available just yet, so stay tuned for when you can book in for your stay. Just be fast, these cabins are in high demand. 

Unyoked is an inspiring start-up. To learn more about the story behind it all, read our interview with twins and co-founders Chris and Cam Grant

Image credit: Unyoked

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