Who Makes Brisbane’s Best Cheesecake?

By Phoebe Lee
27th Apr 2016

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As we all know, the best part of any social gathering is when someone rolls out the cheesecake. It’s the combination of that buttery, golden, biscuity crumb with the melt-in-your-mouth creamy centre that really gets your taste buds pumping. Now that we’re all fully-functioning adults, there’s no need to wait for a social gathering to have your cake and eat it too. To help you get your cheesecake on, we’ve sourced some of the best cheesecakes in Brisbane.

Jocelyn’s Provisions

New Farm

When it comes to amazing cheesecakes, you better believe the team at Jocelyn’s aren’t messing around. Their offerings include Turkish Delight, Lemon and Passionfruit, and Raspberry and White Chocolate. But, if we’re being honest with each other, it’s their Chocolate Swirl that captures our hearts. Creamy cheesecake with a swirl of dark chocolate through the middle, topped with perfect quenelles of Chantilly cream and shards of dark and white chocolate.

Chester Street Bakery

New Farm

The guys at Chester Street have just unleashed a Rainbow Cheesecake on us and it’s equal parts gorgeous and delicious, straight out of your My Little Pony dreams. This absolute beauty combines layers of beautiful, bright cheesecake with a delightfully golden crumb, topped with whipped white chocolate ganache and white chocolate curls. They also have a whole range of other cheesecakes to choose from, including Peanut Butter, Oreo and Brownie.

Welsh Lady


The Welsh Lady is famous for her exceptional cakes and, seriously, her cheesecakes are no exception. For the traditionalists among you, she serves up an amazing New York Baked Cheesecake that will have you floating on air. You can also get your hands on an un-baked Mango and Ginger, Raspberry or Apricot, but the pick of the bunch has to be the insanely good Lemon Cheesecake, with swirls of heavenly lemon butter throughout. *drools*

Dello Mano

New Farm

There are times when you question the meaning of life and then there are times you bite into a piece of cheesecake and it all makes sense. The White Chocolate Cheesecake at Dello Mano is a real game changer. Whipped cream cheese is blended with white chocolate, piled high on a gorgeous ginger cookie base that’s not only beautiful and insanely delicious, it’s also gluten free.

The Doughnut Bar


The incredible Nutella Cheesecake Doughnut served up at The Doughnut Bar is a true Brisbane icon. Let’s break this down, there’s a doughnut that’s been stuffed with cheesecake and Nutella, then covered in gorgeous glossy frosting and more chocolatey stuff. When you bite into it, you’re taken to Nutella Cheesecake heaven!

Nutri Hitt


If you love cheesecake, but don’t love the guilt that can come with it, then you gotta make a trip to Nutri Hitt. These guys create amazing cakes that are the raw, healthy version of your favourite naughty cheesecakes. Delightfully healthy treats here include Lemon, Lime and Coconut, Chocolate Marble and an insanely cool Snow White cake. Be sure to try the Cookies and Cream, thick and creamy vanilla filling overflowing with big, crispy chunks of decadent chocolate and chewy cookie pieces.

Roberto’s Cheesecakes


If you find yourself on the Southside with a craving for an entire cheesecake, make a stop at Roberto’s in Springwood. They offer up a range of your favourite chilled and baked cheesecakes, with the crowing jewel being their double-chocolate baked cheesecake. A heavenly smooth and creamy chocolate baked cheesecake, set on a buttery biscuit base and topped with rich chocolate and white chocolate ganache. Don’t tell your dentist. 

Image credit: Chester Street Bakery

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