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If you haven't hopped on the Korean beauty train yet, it's time to get on board. Be transported to a futuristic, quirky world of snail mucin, sheet masks, snake venom and kitschy packaging—where you'll have the best skin of your life. Sounds great, but South Korea is just a little far away? Good news: you can skip the exxy round trip and stock up on Korean icons at online K-beauty mecca, STYLE STORY.

STYLE STORY is a Brisbane-based online destination for all the best K-beauty products. A total wonderland of miraculous skincare and cosmetics from the hottest Korean brands, you could spend hours marvelling at their selection of high-tech multi-taskers to suit every skin type.

It’s said that K-beauty is 10 years ahead of western skincare technology due to their weird and wonderful (but totally legit) active ingredients. The latest trends include snail mucin (which repairs snail skin cells after they trail over twigs and branches, and has a similar regenerating and protective effect on ours); propolis, bee venom and honey; tree sap; synthetic snake venom; and ginseng. Korean brands are also increasingly making the switch to cruelty-free, and STYLE STORY has a great selection of ethically sourced products (FYI, animal testing is being phased out in Korea in the next two years—yay!)

In K-beauty land, flawless skin is #life. With an obsessive focus on a hydrated, cushiony, glowing complexion, it’s all about pumping in as much moisture and nutrition as possible, fixing flaws rather than hiding them. The goal: to have such amazing skin it doesn’t need concealing with makeup. We could take a sheet (mask) or two out of their book.

Perfect skin does take a little bit of time and attention, though: a K-beauty routine definitely doesn’t stop at cleanse, tone and moisturise—think numerous steps of layered products and potions. If falling down a STYLE STORY hole has caused an ‘add to basket’ frenzy and you now have eleven magical-looking products you’ve got no idea where to start with, their blog has an amazing cheat sheet to show you the proper order of how, what and when. If you’re K-curious but low maintenance, a serum-infused sheet mask (amazing once you get over the fact you look like Jason from Halloween) is a great place to start.

STYLE STORY ships straight from Brisbane, meaning you’ll get your paws on product within days, but they also have a team in Seoul keeping an eye on the hottest trends and coolest products. K-beauty price points are also a pleasant surprise compared to what we might be used to, especially considering the innovation, concentrations of badass ingredients and beautiful attention to detail in the packaging (which technically shouldn’t matter, but totally does, of course).

Consider us well and truly K-obsessed!

Image credit: Hayley Williamson