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All Aboard | Gold Coast’s Best Sushi Trains

By Mitchell Shepherd
14th Aug 2019

sushi trains gold coast

There’s something truly brilliant about sitting in a casual environment, chatting with friends, while delicious food is transported silently about the room. You can grab what looks good, or patiently wait for what may be just around the corner.

It’s one of the reasons why sushi trains will never die. Hats off to the Japanese man or woman who first thought, ‘yes, let’s deliver sushi to the people via conveyor belt.’ Dive in below for some of the Gold Coast sushi trains worth a try.

O Sushi


There are few things better in life than annihilating plates of sushi while the salty whiff of the Pacific Ocean surrounds you. O Sushi’s stack of awards, plus its focus on fresh, seasonal produce, have made it many people’s favourite. O Sushi gives you the option of taking from the train, or ordering from the set menu, which includes sashimi, signature sushi rolls, izakaya plates, tempura, teriyaki and noodles. Also sample their impressive drinks list with plenty of Japanese options.  

Mermaid Sushi

Mermaid Beach

Somewhat of a Gold Coast sushi institution, most of us have sampled from Mermaid Sushi’s train of delights over the years. If you haven’t, make sure to check out the photos, artwork and posters that line its walls. The place is infused with good vibes, and its sushi game is top notch. It also does a very mean party platter (the era of pies and sausage rolls has come and gone).

Sushi Train Miami One


Well loved by hungry locals, Sushi Train Miami One combines fresh sushi with reliable service. It’s the reason it’s often buzzing with customers. But it’s worth the wait. Once you get a seat, you can be sure a moving plate of goodness will catch your eye very quickly. One of the best Gold Coast sushi trains, the menu offers a decent selection, but it’s the quality that keeps people coming back.

Osaka Kaiten Sushi

Surfers Paradise

Osaka Kaiten Sushi is as close to Japan as you’ll get on the Gold Coast. Run by master sushi chef Makiyama, you can be assured that the sushi doing laps on the train is of the highest order. It has an impressive spread of sushi, plus more substantial plates for those looking for more than just a nibble. Certainly worth braving the bustle of Surfers Paradise for a sushi roll or three at one of the best sushi trains on the Gold Coast. 

Sushi Avenue

Surfers Paradise

Sushi Avenue is another sushi train snaking its way through Surfers Paradise, this time in the ‘culinary corridor’ of Cavill Lane. Haven’t taken a walk through Surfers Paradise in while? Well, maybe here’s the encouragement you need. The sushi menu includes all of your beloved choices; you can also try hot dishes, sashimi, udon and donburi. There’s also beer, wine and, of course, saki available if you’re in the mood.

Worked your way through the best sushi trains on the Gold Coast? Perhaps you’re hungry for Gold Coast's best ramen next? 

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