Slurp It Up | Top Spots For Ramen On The Gold Coast

By Danielle Read
12th Feb 2018

best ramen on the gold coast

Dreaming of an overseas getaway but the ol’ pockets are a little dry? Luckily the Gold Coast has some seriously slurp-worthy ramen spots to fuel your wanderlust feels. Chopsticks are your new BFF and cheat day just got a whole lot more dribblier (yes, that’s a word).

Use your noodle and satisfy your next craving with the best ramen on the Gold Coast.

Muso Ramen & Gyoza Bar

Mermaid Beach & Robina

Muso Ramen is the cutest rock and roll Japanese eating house this side of Tokyo. Only the best tunes are played and old posters of music legends line the walls. A fave hangout among locals in Mermaid Beach, these legends have joined the clan at The Kitchens at Robina too, so there’s noodle lovin’ moments to be snatched up ‘til your heart’s content! With so many items on the menu, not to mention killer gyoza, we can never go past the OG ramen bowl. Pork broth, tangy spring onions and your choice of miso, soy and thick or thin noodles made fresh in store each day. Ra-men get it!

Ramen Danbo 


Looking for 100% traditional ramen on the Gold Coast? Having won top awards in Fukuoka, Ramen Danbo is not mucking around. Luckily, they’re also centrally located in Southport, so quit your whingin’ if you live on the southern end, it’s closer than Japan!  Danbo is a slurp it all up and drink it all down kinda place. You can expect picture perfect dishes, all of the beers and a bloody good spread —it’s no wonder this #sopo fave is bustling all week long. Hands down some of the best ramen on the Gold Coast.

i like Ramen 


We don't just like these guys, we bloody love 'em and their 100% plant-based ramen. Take your pick between their bone-free broths like spicy Korean kimchi and an earthy shiitake and soy mushroom. Paired with other savoury deliciousness such as their ever-popular panko mushrooms, meat-free po’boys, plus more. Do yourself a favour and pay i like ramen a visit at their cute digs at the LC marketplace in Miami. 

Hakataya Ramen 


Most commonly known for its lines that stretch from the main door, around a corner and down the street in their Brisbane store, Hakataya Ramen can now be found at Pacific Fair, too. And you know what? You’re super lucky because not many people have caught on about how incredible this convenient ramen on the Gold Coast is! Don’t let the price tag fool you, this quick and cheap soupy noodles at Pacific Fair get 10 out of 10 for flava-flaves too. R-amen to that, sister!

Après Surf

Mermaid Beach 

Yeah, Après Surf has cheap beer and cheeky cocktail names, but did you know they do $10 ramen specials on Wednesdays too? Crispy pork belly or a vegan delight, these delish ramen dishes can only be compared to the tastiness of Après’ chips. And we all know their chips are the best you’ll find on the Gold Coast. Sink a couple, sit back and soak up all of that rameny goodness at your neighbourhood ski lodge turned mid-week noodle house.

Motto Motto


Motto Motto brings the quirkiness and fun of casual Japanese dining to Pacific Fair. Not your average food court offering, Motto Motto uses only fresh, local ingredients to deliver traditional-yet-totally unique Japanese dishes in a decked out, modern space. We love Motto's Ton-kotsu ramen soup with pork super-stock broth that’s brewed for 12 hours, paired with build-your-own bento boxes and traditional Japanese brioche buns with Wagyu beef. Sluurp!

Worked your way through the best ramen on the Gold Coast? How about some craft beer and dumpling dates next? 

Image credit: Hayley Williamson for The Urban List 

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