19 Drop-Dead Gorgeous Brisbane Coffee Spots To Get Your Caffeine Hit At

By Caitlin Bennett
10th Jun 2019

Drop dead gorgeous Brisbane cafes

Fact: Brisbane is one of Australia's most beautiful cities. Also, fact: we have some of the best cafés in the country, so it shouldn't be surprising that we have some of the most beautiful cafés to be found, too!

With our partialtiy for single origins, our reverence of the sunshine, and our obsession with locally sourced produce, it's clear that the good people of Brisbane have taken the café culture to a new level. If you enjoy cafés that radiate character and atmosphere, read ahead for our 19 most beautiful Brisbane coffee spots.

Salt Coffee 


Salt's industrial green interiors aren't the only eye-candy you'll find at the Newstead coffee spot—take a gander at the next level leather and chrome coffee machine pouring espressos on the counter and you'll understand why they're at the top of our list (and how seriously they take their brews). Find a more hipster looking coffee machine anywhere, we dare you. 



Even if it weren't for the polished concrete, hanging greenery and pops of gold at Newstead's cutest cafe, Nodo would probably still make the list based on their uber good looking doughnuts, against which all other doughnuts pale in comparison. Dropping in for a takeaway coffee and you'll be tempted to sit and stay for hours. 



Frankly, we want Pawpaw's jungle-inspired interiors for our own—our living room would definitely be improved by palm frond wallpaper and a wicker light fixture or two. You may have to wait for a while before you get a peek at the dining room if it's a weekend morning (peak hour at this favourite breakfast spot), but both the decor and the breakfasts are well worth the wait. 

John Mills Himself

Brisbane CBD

As a heritage listed building it shouldn’t be surprising that John Mills Himself makes the list. The walls of this subterranean hide-away are exposed brick and the highset windows filter down just the right amount of sunlight, making for a very soothing and cathartic spot to enjoy your long black. The historic feel of this building has been artfully maintained but can be easily captured for your Instagram feed.

best cafes brisbane

Smoked Garage

Fortitude Valley

The Smoked Garage is the head turning motorbike design space and coffee shop. Sipping on espressos with the motorbikes is a tad sexier than being spotted in one of those tight bicycle suit hang outs. Picture a revived ex-warehouse with exposed brick walls, well-worn leather armchairs, custom Racers, Harleys and Commazukis. Two wheel lovers we can already hear you frothing.

Bedouin Brew

Coopers Plains

Stop in for a caffeine hit at Bedouin Brew and you'll find yourself in a stunning industrial warehouse, with plenty of room to sit down, take a load off and enjoy the chill vibes. The cafe even put all that space they've got to good use with regular events and workshops, with the greenery clad space the perfect background for it all. 

Sourced Grocer


The frontage of Sourced Grocer is completely open, meaning as you walk up the street you get the perfect view of the grocer, the café, and the fresh greenery adorning the walls. Sunday was made for wholesome breakfasts enjoyed in the sunshine, and Sourced Grocer does it best.


West End

Plenty is another café with a ‘rustic chic’ aesthetic, and boy, does it suit them! The warehouse structure has high ceilings and plenty of space (nothing worse than a cramped café where you can hardly move around), but still manages to maintain a homey feel. You can enjoy a hearty breakfast in the sunshine, or take it indoors to check out the completely stripped back interiors.

Campos Coffee, Wandoo St

Fortitude Valley

The coffee connoisseurs at Campos Coffee  just love finding the ripest little coffee beans and then scoring, cupping and flavour profiling them to perfection (and we equally love the results!). There’s nothing better than wandering down to Wandoo St to sip on their delicious, feel good, fair trade coffee. Campos has funded beautiful projects from community playgrounds to helping young people in Rwanda get access to much needed open heart surgery. Absolute legends!

best cafes brisbane


East Brisbane

Allpress Esspresso will lower the blood pressure of the most devout minimalists. This spacious café with open beam ceilings lays out your breakfast spread just so. It’s the perfect, expansive break out location for work from home freelances to get inspired and put their thinking hats on!

Morning After

West End

Don’t judge the name, because we have all been there. Fresh, locally sourced eats, refreshing fruit elixirs and piping hot coffee from Morning After will quickly put those hangover toxins at bay! Combine that with stunning morning light, greenery and fresh white brickwork, and you’re quickly distracted from any morning headaches you might be nursing!

Frankie and George

George Street, Brisbane CBD

With a rustic red brickwork courtyard and just a touch of lush greenery, Frankie and George is the perfect dreamy inner city escape. An espresso and croissant for just $8 is a tempting peak hour treat any day of the week!

El' Rosa by Arc 

Fortitude Valley 

Lush greenery meets blush pink everything at this Insta-haven, where a breezy, sun-drenched courtyard is home to pots, plants and giant cacti. The drinks on the menu at El' Rosa are as pretty as the surrounds, with pastel lattes and marshmallow topped hot chocolates to sip while you enjoy the sunshine. 

Lola Coffee


Lola Coffee is your one stop shop for house made pickles and sweets! Even their affogato is served with ice-cream made from their very own cold brew! Stunning grey-scale artworks accented with bright red décor are also sure to get you inspired for the day ahead.

best cafes brisbane


South Brisbane

Our mouths start watering just thinking about the potato and blue cheese hash (really, the concept is brilliant!) Needless to say, Pourboy delivers coffee and food without compromise. Their timber furniture combined with the neon light installation is just as unexpected (yet strangely works!) as the Bolognaise-Spelt-Crust-Pie Special!

Wild Canary Bistro


Wild Canary is known for their fruit and floral drenched cakes. They are picture perfect and literally taste like you are taking a bite out of spring (as strange as it sounds, it’s true!). Everything is made from locally sourced ingredients and their botanical bistro menu is delightfully fresh and colourful. Brookfield also serves you up a countryside backdrop just over 30 minutes from the city (just be careful not to pinch a table from the locals).

King Arthur

Fortitude Valley

We spy fresh figs, pink donuts, pancakes and pork belly. The name King Arthur speaks opulence and the menu screams indulgence. You’ll catch jars of fermenting veggies stacked up on the shelves, morning light bouncing off exposed white bricks and stunning curved ceilings in this unassuming Arthur Street Coffee Shop.  

Soul Pantry


The Soul Pantry just has zen vibes oozing out of it. They source only the best artisan foods and have a lush outlook onto the Grange Forest Park. Don’t just drop in for a coffee because you’re bound to get swept away by their abundance of plants for sale, terrarium workshops and garden hub.

The Laneway Green


Bringing the cool, crisp style of an inner-city café to the quiet suburbs of Logan, The Laneway Green has all the trappings you want in a Sunday morning coffee spot, no traipsing north necessary, with luxe interiors adorned with hanging greenery.

Check out The Directory for even more awesome Brisbane cafes in your hood!

Images credit: Grace Elizabeth Images

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