The Best Hikes And Walks On The Gold Coast

By Samantha Chalker
4th Jan 2019

We all love a good walk, but we bet you don't venture from your normal route that often. Well, it's time to shake things up and check out some of the Gold Coast's best locations on foot. So wack a hat on, slather on some sunscreen, tie up your laces and top up your water bottle, here are all of the best walks and hikes on the Gold Coast. 

Tamborine Mountain Skywalk

You know a walk is legit when it has its very own website. This “eco-adventure” may only be 1.5 kilometres long, but with 300 metres of it made up of steel bridges, some standing as high as 40 metres above ground, it still earns the title of adventurous weekend activity. We love a good tea and scone stroll through the village of Mount Tamborine, but this ramps the area up to a whole new level.

Natural Bridge In Springbrook National Park

Okay, so we’ll admit it, this walk doesn’t quite have the hiking cred of some of the more challenging treks in this list, but the awesomeness of the location more than makes up for it. We have two words for you, people. Glow. Worms. This partial underground cave looks like it’s straight out of Middle Earth with a natural skylight formed by an ancient waterfall. While you can’t swim in the waterhole, we suggest you take an evening tour to check out the glow worms shining on the roof of the cave. Even though this is only a short walk, it’s part of the bigger Springbrook National Park walk, so you can complete larger sections of the walk if you’re feeling ambitious. 

Mount Warning

Elevated a casual 1,159 metres above sea level and stretching 8.8 kilometers in a roundtrip, a trek up Mount Warning no casual day out. Though we are happy to announce the panoramic view from the peak makes it completely worthwhile. You may think you’ve seen enough beauty just from the Lyrebird Lookout, but the satisfaction of reaching the summit is worth the extra nudge.

Hinze Dam

We may have heated fluoride disputes and sporadic usage restrictions about as burdensome as “please don’t hose your driveway”, but our bathing isn’t restricted to twice weekly in a communal pond, and we don’t get violently ill from sculling our tap water. So realistically speaking, we are insanely lucky. If you’ve forgotten that fact, a trip to the astounding Hinze Dam should sharpen your appreciation right up. Complete with picnic areas, three kilometres of walking tracks and plenty of fishing/sporting/family-time Sunday vibes, it’s the perfect no sweat weekend activity.

Burleigh Heads National Park

Two scenic walks coast their way through this turkey-clad park; one that wraps 1.2 kilometres around the park, skirting the ocean without much of an incline, and another which ventures up the forest’s higher parts offering a harder 2.3-kilometre circuit. Both are beautiful iconic Gold Coast walks that site our prettiest oceans. Did we mention the turkeys?

Lamington National Park

Nine suspension bridges and two ladder-accessible observation decks make up what we deem the best walk in the Lamington National Park. And there are many —160-kilometres worth to be precise. Almost an hour and a half from central Gold Coast, this UNESCO World Heritage site will feel a lifetime away from your everyday life. Make a whole weekend of it.

Image Credit: Natasha Oakley

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