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Smash A Hole In One At The Coast’s Best Mini Golf Courses

By Mitchell Shepherd

Mini Golf Gold Coast

Ah, mini-golf. The gift that keeps on giving. Although it has teetered on the edge of irrelevance for decades, it refuses to abandon us. And hallelujah to that. Where would we be without it? Think of the countless romances that have blossomed due to a nervous first date strolling the stained green carpet, or the awkward family outings where Dad tried just a little too hard to win. And didn’t. And then threw his club into a bush.

Can’t hit a ball to save yourself? No worries. Get together a crew and book in a round at one of the best Gold Coast mini golf courses below.

Boulders And Badlands


Quite possibly the world’s first non-themed mini golf course. No dinosaurs, no robots and no Egyptian mummies. Just like a real golf course, only mini. Who would have thought? It’s a picturesque setup, fit with all the annoying obstacles (rocks, sand, water) of any world-class course. If you can’t get nine holes at Augusta, likely because you’re not good enough, then Boulders and Badlands is your next best choice. Come along with other hardened putting-pros and test your skills.

Holey Moley

Surfers Paradise

Holey Moley is definitely the Gold Coast mini golf course for you if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t really like mini golf. If you’d much rather sip cocktails, listen to music or even bash out a little karaoke, this is the course for you. True golfers may say Holey Moley is an assault on the senses, but most people (including us) would say it’s a whole lotta fun and perfect for a chill night out. Check their website for party packages and other rotating specials during the week.

Putt Putt Mermaid Beach

Mermaid Beach

We’ve all driven past the big yellow golf ball on the Gold Coast Highway, but have you been in? Putt Putt Mermaid Beach is colourful, crazy and just a little bit kooky (in the best kind of way, of course). There are three themed courses to choose from, all containing things that move, screech, splash and confuse you as you make your way through 18 holes. There’s also a video game arcade, snack bar, BBQ zone and children’s party room. It’s open every night until 10pm and caters for all sorts of parties and occasions. 


Surfer Paradise

We all know that Timezone in Surfers Paradise is a mecca of epic games and attractions, so it should come as no surprise that they boast a cool mini golf course. With 12 holes under special UV lighting and three different rotating themes, this mini golf course is set to be a smash hit with everyone. Plus, at only $12 per person, you'll even have enough coin left over to try your hand at mini bowling, bumper cars or laser tag.

While you're here, why not test out your skills and check out the Gold Coast's best bowling spots.

Image credit: Hayley Williamson for Urban List

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