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Kiss Hangovers Goodbye With These Science-Backed Hangover Relief Capsules

By Courtney Ammenhauser

Picture this: it's Sunday morning, you've just woken up after a few cheeky long-lunch martinis with your mates and you wake up headache free, hydrated and feeling as fresh as a daisy. Seems too good to be true, right? But, thanks to the two high-school mates, Josh Samweil and Jake Boyle, who created Tend-2, this perfect post-sips picture is now something you can create IRL—courtesy of a hangover supplement that aims to be the panacea to the consequences of favouring your 'tinis over some good old H2O.

By now you're probably wondering how this all works. The answer is pretty simple. All you have to do is take two of Tend-2's Hangover Relief capsules before you order your bevvy and then another two before heading to bed to say see ya later to horrible hangovers and hello to feeling fresher. 

The capsules contain 100% natural and organic ingredients and have even been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Plus, the team spent three years testing and formulating the Australian-made product before it hit the shelves. The formula harnesses the benefits of a stack of vitamins and minerals including milk thistle, turmeric, magnesium and a long list of vitamins to boost your body beyond repair.  

Still not convinced? Tend-2 is so confident with the product that it's letting customers trial the product risk-free via its 30-day money-back guarantee. How good. 

Keen to kiss your hangovers goodbye? For more information on Tend-2 and to order a Hangover Relief Kit, head over here.

Image credit: Urban List

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