A Massive Multi-Sensory Van Gogh Exhibition Is Coming To Queensland Later This Year

By Sammy Preston

The exhibition, Van Gogh Alive.

We’re guessing you’ve seen snippets of Van Gogh Alive on your Insta feed. An immersive exhibition where Gogh’s seminal swirls, stars, sunflowers, snowflakes, and moonshine drift and dance across walls, just as you imagine the painter would have seen them in his own day.

The super-hyped exhibition has been shown in 50 different cities around the world to some six million people (that’s a lot of Insta feeds). And this year, it finally hit Australia, with Sydney the first lucky replacement host. Now, it's going on tour, and will be heading for Queensland later this year, more specifically in Brisbane, and trust us when we say it's totally worth the drive.

Van Gogh Alive is so much more than what you’ve seen on Instagram too. The multi-sensory exhibition features some 3,000 images beamed across walls, floors, ceilings, and more. The projections move in time to music and specifically designed scents fill each space—it's an experience of timeless artwork akin to diving into Van Gogh’s paint perhaps (Moonlight In Paris-style, if you like). 

You'll experience the colours, brush strokes and emotion of Van Gogh's oeuvre at scale—and be drawn into fragments of colour within some of his most seminal work, like The Starry Night, Almond Blossoms and The Red Vineyard—as they are spread across multiple towering screens.

The exhibition will be hitting Brisbane in spring, popping up at Northshore Hamilton from 29 October. Tickets will be on sale on 30 July, or you can register for presale here

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Image credit: Grande Exhibitions

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