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Leopold, 3224 Vic
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The Verdict

Welcome to the new ultimate summer getaway.

Think s02e01 of Gossip Girl where they’re holidaying in the Hamptons, then combine that with French aristocratic family house. That'll give you get a feel for Campbell Point House. Seriously, how did we not know something like this existed near Melbourne? 

Originally built as a family home (casual), the Lake Connewarre property recently received a multi-million-dollar conversion into the eight-suite boutique hotel you see today.

Owner, Meg Blackhall, bought the property with her husband around 12 years ago as a family home, but decided it was too big.

“We actually put it on the market in about 2010, but our agent rang us and said, ‘We’ve had about ten brides asking if we could get married there,’ so then we started doing weddings and then one thing led to another and then we thought, ‘Why don’t we turn it into a hotel?’”

The house/castle/hotel was designed with Chateaus of the Loire Valley in France as inspiration, and let me tell you, it does not disappoint.

Campbell Point is about a one-hour drive from Melbourne’s CBD or a quick 15-minutes by helicopter. Yes, there is a helipad available to use at your leisure (if, you know, you have a helicopter lying around). Sheesh. 

However you get there, upon arrival you’ll be greeted by stone steps leading up to the French doors. And inside? Checkboard tiles, iron railings, grand staircases and portraits covering almost ever space of wall. Yeah, magical is about right.

Meg and her husband have travelled around Europe quite a bit and preferred the hotels which didn’t let outside visitors use the grounds or pools.

“We loved more of the private hotels that weren’t very busy and we wanted to create something like that here. There was also nothing like that in Bellarine that was quiet, intimate and luxurious”.

Included in the accommodation rates are an eight-course degustation dinner, an a la carte breakfast menu, full access to the minibar, and champagne and cheese platter on arrival. Maybe don’t bring your tightest-fitting clothes.

The hotel also features a private restaurant, headed by Chef Tobin Kent (former Head Chef at Gladioli), using local produce from the Bellarine Peninsula and organic produce grown on the grounds of the hotel.

If simply gawking at the beauty of the house isn’t entertainment enough, guests can also enjoy the infinity pool, grass tennis court, day spa and private jetty. Or go full aristocrat and kick back in the conservatory, billiards rooms or cigar lounge. If you're plotting a Cluedo-esque murder involving a British colonel and a wrench, this is a pretty good place to do it. 

The property is still available for weddings and other private events, but Meg says there’s been a significant response from Asian tour groups.

“We’ve had lots of interest from Asia. Tour groups who want to do the Great Ocean Road and have that luxury experience for a night or two."

“We’ve also had a few proposals booked in already, as well” Sorry to ruin the surprise if you’re s/o has booked a random escape...

Rates start at $1250 per couple, but we think the ‘gram opportunities are worth it alone.

Image credit: Campbell Point House

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