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Ph: 0421 408 965

8 Goldie Place
Melbourne , 3000 VC
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Opening Hours

SUN 9:00am - 12:00pm
MON 6:00am - 7:30pm
TUE 6:00am - 7:30pm
WED 6:00am - 7:30pm
THU 6:00am - 7:30pm
FRI 6:00am - 1:00pm
SAT 8:00am - 12:00pm

The Details

Specialises in
  • Gyms / PT
  • Meditation


The Verdict

You might have heard of K-Kore before. You know, the guys giving you the courage to ditch your personal trainer for faster results and strange exercise machines? Yep, that’s the one.

Well, the K-Kore guys have just opened a second studio in the CBD, and we couldn’t be more excited (and scared). 

If you haven't heard of these guys before, they specialise in 'Lagree fitness', a multi-faceted workout that combines resistance training and cardio into one comprehensive, balanced sweat-fest. The trend started in LA a while ago and is slowly taking over the world.

With the aim to strengthen, tighten and tone that body into the most perfectly sculpted masterpiece our beaches have ever seen, Lagree uses a machine called the ‘Megaformer’. This bad boy uses various degrees of spring-based tension to work your core, burn fat and build lean, no-bulk muscle.

Its adaptability also means that it’s ideal for all ages and fitness levels, so don’t give us any of that ‘I’m too old’ crap. In fact, Megan Markle even calls it “the best thing for your body” so it must be damn good.

Melbourne's first K-Kore popped up in May 2017. Owner Kylie Archer fell in love with the Lagree workout when she was living in Hong Kong. On returning home to Melbs (and discovering that there was no studio offering Megaformer classes) she took things into her own hands. K-Kore was the result. 

K-Kore offers three different classes, each one going for 45 mins. There’s the Megakore Basics class, designed specifically for newcomers. You’ll still get a hella good workout, it’ll just go at a slower pace.

Then, there’s the Megakore All Levels class, which works your muscles to fatigue (eek) with planks, twists, pikes, lunges and all things we have nightmares about. Expect to sweat and shake, people.

Finally, there’s the Megakore Shred (oh god, stay with us). This one goes for a whopping 50 minutes and combines short intervals of bodyweight and kettlebell doom with the traditional Lagree technique. Feeling a little self-conscious about sweating profusely in a room full of strangers? We feel ya. How about teeing up a one-hour private session with one of the K-Kore trainers?

We’re game, are you?

Image credit: K-Kore