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The Verdict

We were pretty excited when we first discovered Pure Blender, a ready-to-go smoothie company that has answered so many of our smoothie conundrums.

Like all good ideas, Pure Blender came about because there was a gap in the market that wasn’t being filled. At the time, the Pure Blender team were heavily into their fitness routines and were trying to find healthy, ready-to-go, preservative-free smoothies that could be made at home. It was then that they realised there was nothing available that suited their needs.

If you’re anything like us, expensive fruit and leafy greens find their way into your basket, along with the good intentions of juicing them each day. But sometimes life doesn’t work like that – produce goes off before you get a chance to use it, and we’re all too time poor to nail our healthy-smoothie goals.

Enter, the magic of Pure Blender. Pop online and you can order your own package of juicing fruits that have been chopped and frozen, ready to throw into the blender.  You’ll receive everything you need to make the perfect smoothie – the flavour combinations have already been sorted for you. Just add water, milk or coconut water, and voila!

There are three different smoothie categories; weight loss smoothies, active smoothies for pre or post workout, and wellness smoothies, which are designed to detox and boost vitality. There are also nine different flavour combinations available (three in each category).

The best bit is that Pure Blender smoothies are a convenient, healthy drink that contains no ‘added extras’, preservatives or fillers of any kind. Pure Blender’s range really is a case of what you see is what you get!

You’ll find fresh produce such as pinapple, pomegranate, strawberries, nuts, bananas, blueberries, ginger, turmeric, avocado, kale, and a stack load more healthy ingredients that are exactly what you need to make an epically delicious, healthy and convenient smoothie.

Image credit: Jenna Fahey White for The Urban List

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