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Richmond, 3000 VIC
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The Verdict

After Dinner by Heston shut its doors at the beginning of Melbourne’s lockdown, chef Gareth and his partner, Cat, had a lot of time on their hands. Gareth joined the many Melburnians baking their way through isolation, but he and Cat couldn’t eat all the tarts on their own. And so Tarts Anon was born. The business is their side-hustle, but with over 3k followers on Instagram already, these humble desserts are gaining traction. 

Originally from NSW, the couple moved to Melbourne five years ago and have since become locals. Gareth cooks the tarts, Cat does everything else. They don’t have a website or cute little laneway bakery; in true COVID style, and as their name suggests, it's an anonymous affair. 

The vision was simple: to create simple yet magnificent tarts that would be perfect for any special occasion or any standard day of the week. They believe tarts belong in Michelen Star restaurants as well as bakeries, so with Gareth’s experience and technique up their sleeve, they started selling these homemade delights to locals through their DMs.

Their most popular flavours are the caramel and chocolate tart, and the lemon and rhubarb tart, but their personal favourite is cherry and almond. Their flavours are mostly classic combos which have been tried and tested throughout Gareth’s career working in restaurants. 

It’s a first in, best-dressed situation with these guys, so make sure you’ve got notifications turned on for their Monday announcements and order openings on Instagram. Once you’ve placed your order and it’s been accepted, they’ll make your tart in time for the weekend, then you can pick it up from an undisclosed Richmond location. 

For pricing and reviews, check out the highlights on their Instagram @tarts_anon.

Image credit: Tarts Anon