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The Verdict

When it comes to getting your hands on the best grass fed meat in Melbourne, online butcher The Meat Society is your gateway to the insider hook-ups of our city’s foodie elite.

The online meat delivery service tracks down restaurant quality meat—the same cuts used in Melbourne’s best restaurants—and delivers it fresh to your doorstep. The Meat Society work with some of Australia’s top suppliers to source the best grass fed meat in Melbourne, making sure it’s sustainable and cruelty-free, before stocking it in their web store, ready for members to buy meat online. You can choose from a range of themed packs (we would recommend starting with the Lean Fillet Pack for all-round meaty excellence), and customise your order with your favourite add-ons. What’s better yet is that you’re paying supermarket prices while supporting the little guys—a great deal for all!

Good quality fresh meat is the starting point to any delicious meal—it’s healthier than pre-packaged cuts, meaning it should be top of any self-respecting clean eater’s shopping list, and because it doesn’t contain preservatives or ‘filler’ chemicals (um, gross), it tastes better too.

The variety of meat available via online butcher, The Meat Society, changes weekly every Saturday to include grass fed beef, lamb, pork and chicken, with fresh veg boxes on offer too. Whether you’re keen to host your own American style BBQ, looking to DIY dishes from the best paleo restaurants in Melbourne, or simply hate that weekly trip to the supermarket, The Meat Society gives you the raw goods without the hassle.

Know a few Sydney-siders who might appreciate The Meat Society? You’re in luck! In addition to their Melbourne online butcher service, they also run The Meat Society Sydney—sign them up to get them started!