41 Thoughts We Had While Watching Married At First Sight Episode 12

By Urban List Writers
6th Nov 2017

41 Thoughts We Had While Watching Married At First Sight Episode 12

Let’s face it, last night’s episode of Married At First Sight left us reeling. Almost too horrible to watch, we were peeking through our fingers as Ben and Vicky took meanness to a whole new level. Meanwhile, Bel threw her husband Haydn under the bus and then cried. Then the pair left the show. 

In what should be renamed Divorced At First Sight, here were 41 thoughts we had while watching tonight’s episode.

  1. They’re going wayyyy back to the weddings.
  2. Is this Angel’s first time receiving flowers?
  3. Nawwww it’s actually true! We weren’t expecting that.
    married at first sight nz
  4. Umm…that’s one way to cut the stems….
  5. Vicky’s looking forward to a week apart? Shock us.
  6. Good avoidance of the question.
  7. Haircut AND a nose piercing! You’ve been busy, Ben.
  8. The Pretty Committee. We. Can’t. Even.
    married at first sight nz
  9. Your husband’s birthday or Pretty Committee Halloween Party? Run Aaron, run. 
  10. “I’m the victim.” We beg to differ, Ben.
  11. The Brett and Angel glow. You nailed it there, Tony.
  12. Turning your phone down and living in the now. Brett has all the good advice.
  13. “If I’d pissed him off, he’d tell me.” Just you wait, Aaron.
    married at first sight nz
  14. These two totally synched. 
  15. OMG there are more messages? Haydn, you’ve gotta hop off the damn phone.
  16. Hadyn bitched about Ben and Aaron let him. That’s not how marriage rolls, Aaron.
  17. Trust and loyalty are def broken with that one.
    married at first sight nz
  18. Ben’s being open and honest and we’re feeling his pain. 
  19. That said, he was never going to take things further with Aaron.
  20. Aaron should really have thought about ‘that side of things.’
  21. Ben is filled with all the heartache tonight. We’d give him a cuddle but he doesn’t like that.
  22. Annddd onto Vicky and Andrew.
    married at first sight nz
  23. Even her husband thought she was the ringleader. 
  24. That ol’ tactic of “I’m so honest” to defend awfulness.
  25. “Vicky isn’t a bad person or anything like that.” Preach it ‘til you believe it, Andrew.
  26. “I’m nice.” Did you miss the memo at the dinner party?
    married at first sight nz
  27. Vicky forgot all about the Mean Girls convo in the bathroom.
  28. Vicky ain’t taking any responsibility for that train wreck.
  29. Andrew and Vicky are totally over. At least they’ll still be friends.
  30. Or will they?
  31. Hang on, they’re going to renew their vows? SO CONFUSED.
    married at first sight nz
  32. Andrew’s not writing anything off and Vicky isn’t saying a word. 
  33. “You’ve helped me grow as a person.” That’s all anyone can ask. #notsarcasm
  34. But the feeling isn’t reciprocated.
  35. Andrew is so getting the cold shoulder but doesn’t seem to know it.
  36.  “This part of the experience is hugely important.” Is that on repeat?
    married at first sight nz
  37. More wilted flowers for the end of another relationship. 
    married at first sight nz
  38. Meanwhile, Brett and Angel’s flowers are blooming. 
  39. Aaron seems to finally be getting it. Poor Ben. Poor Aaron.
    married at first sight nz
  40. Annnddd…once again the flowers say it all. 
  41. Sneak peak to Sunday says Angel is gonna break Brett’s heart. Don’t do it!

Missed last night's episode? Here are alllll the thoughts. 


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