55 Thoughts We Had While Watching Married At First Sight Episode 11

By Urban List Writers
5th Nov 2017

55 Thoughts We Had While Watching Married At First Sight Episode 11

Holy moly, guacamole. Things have well and truly hit the fan on Married At First Sight. Chaos and accusations were at the centre of tonight’s drama-filled episode. And, after a veeery tense dinner party shitstorm, we’re down to three couples. Here’s what we were thinking as we watched things unravel.

1. A dinner party just seems like an excuse for some extra drama (case in point: the cocktail party).​

2. Quick question: why are they driving all around Auckland when the Oakroom is a one minute walk? Build-up much?

3. Will Bel and Haydn show up to said dinner party?

4. Ben: “It’d be pretty fun if they come.” Ben is ALWAYS down for some drama.

5. Brett: “I came on this to find a wife. I’ve got my wife. I don’t want to sound like a dick but I’m not here to have drama.”  Brett has nooo time for that.

6. Poor Aaron needs a good night’s sleep.

married at first sight nz

7. Ben: “I need you to mentally prepare yourself for this next bit of information.” Aaron’s face is literally ours right now. WHAT’S HAPPENED?!

8. Ben: “… They said that they saw Bel in the carpark.” THAT’S what we were mentally preparing for?!

Married at first sight nz

9. “I’m just like an innocent bystander like over here like being like a good husband and whatnot.” We beg to differ, Benjamin.

10. Ten bucks tonight ends in a full-on wrestling fight between Ben and Haydn.

11. Tony: “Are they really in it for the commitment to their relationships or are they simply here for the drama?” That’s the million-dollar question.

12. Ermahgerd who will be the second couple to arrive?!

13. We bet Lacey/Luke and Claire/Dom are stoked they left this shitshow.

14. Of course Bel (aka The Bachelor’s resident crazy cat lady) and Haydn have been on a date to a cat lounge.

Married at first sight nz

15. There are a fair few nervous swigs going on here.

16. So. Much. Tension.

17. Ben’s about to show up… Shit’s about to go DOWN.

Married at first sight nz

18. Mushrooms > drama.

19. Ben loves a good eye roll.

20. Bitching in the bathroom? Can we puh-lease just grow up a little, guys?

21. Aaron: “I’m just going to address the elephant in the room. You’re back!” No beating around the bush here.

22. Focus on your own relationship, Ben.

23. Sun’s out. Gun’s out.

Married at first sight nz

24. Yep, your biceps are still there, Haydn.

25. Does Bel reeeaally have Haydn’s back? We say no. She totally threw him under the bus. 

26. Aaron, be the bigger person. Don’t cave into the drama because it gives you a false sense security with Ben.

Married at first sight nz

27. The ol’ “I don’t like drama buuut…” from Vicky.

28. Yikes, Ben is one seat closer to Haydn. The poor dude is in the firing line now.

29. Bless Brett for trying to cut the tension with tomato sorbet chat.

30. Yet another bathroom chat. This is getting exhausting.

31. He said. She said. Blah blah blah. Can we all just get along?!

32. Vicky: “Um, Haydn. I just had a quick question for you...” Here comes the downfall.

Married at first sight nz

33. Gal, if you genuinely wanted to clear things up. A one-on-one convo with Haydn would have been the way to go.

34. Bel, it’s unfair to cry. You gave Vicky permission to unleash on Haydn. If this is how you treat your husband, we'd hate to see how you treat your friends.

35. Who messaged who first is kinda irrelevant. You were both in the wrong.

Married at first sight nz

36. These two are looovin’ it. It’s the happiest they’ve been the entire season.

Married at first sight nz

37. Sucks to be Angel and Brett.

38. OH MY LIFEEE. WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON?! Accusations left, right and centre.​

39. Ben: “You’re apparently straight so let’s make sure your story is too.” Hah.

40. “Guys. Guys. We’re adults. Let’s sort this shit.” Some clarity within the chaos.

41. Haydn: “Bro. You said to me, ‘I’m not taking any more photos of Vicky. She’s just here to be a model.’” Is she just?

42. “You have to be good looking to be a model, anyway.” Shots FIRED from a frustrated Haydn.

Married at first sight nz

43. Ever the producer has had enough.

44. The party’s over before they’ve even finished dessert. Gutted.

45. It’s all over red rover for Bel and Haydn. What an exit.

46. Cue dead flowers to symbolise their dead relationship. Well played, producers.

47. From six couples to three. Married At First Sight is a roaring success for New Zealand.

48. Thank the Lord for Brett and Angel and their post-party omelettes.

49. Meanwhile, things are grim between Aaron and love-me-some-drama Ben.

50. After last night, we’d rather hang with an ex than with Ben…  

51. Mystery envelopes at the door. Ooh la la.

52. Has Andrew been spending some ‘one-on-one’ time with another girl’s photo?

53. Wait? Is this while he’s been on the show? These marriages are f**ked.

54. Don’t play the “he’s out without me” card, Ben. You’ve done your fair share of that...doesn't feel so good, right?

55. Annnd that’s a wrap. THANK. GOODNESS. But, let's face it: you know where we'll be tomorrow night. 

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