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Get Sucked Into Some Serious Page-Turners With 8 Of The Best New Fiction Books

Here’s the deal. Much like Netflix, books are a big form of escapism. And sometimes, you just need a damn nail-biting,… Read More +

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Try Not To Cry With 7 Of The Most Brilliant Romance Novels To Read This Year

Hopeless romantics (and Joni Mitchell fans) unite.  There’s no doubt in the world you’ve clicked on this article, ready to… Read More +

Scare Yourself Stupid With Shudder, The New Horror-Only Streaming Service

Slasher fans—and Aucklanders who’ve exhausted every other streaming platform available—can rejoice in the news that New… Read More +

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Let Your Imagination Run Wild With 6 Horror Books You Should Have Read By Now

If you’ve clicked on this page, you’re no doubt the type of being who likes a little fright from time to time. And though you… Read More +

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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Your Next Movie Obsession, Where The Crawdads Sing

If lockdown gifted us one thing, it was the chance to finally catch up on all those books (and let's be honest, TV shows) that… Read More +

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Keep Yourself Up At Night With 8 Of The Best Chilling True Crime Podcasts

It’s official, we’re straight up obsessed with true crime. And for the real super sleuths among us, there never is enough… Read More +

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