Dream Of Your Next Trip With 8 Of The Juiciest Travel Podcasts

By Jessica Best
15th Apr 2020

best travel podcasts

If you thought Instagram and YouTube was the only vice to satisfy your travel bug, think again.

The number of travel podcasts to dig into is plenty and whether you're keen to up your knowledge on budget backpacking, sustainable travel or you just want to hear some hilarious stories filled with misadventure, we’ve rounded up some glorious listens you can plug into.

Here are all the best travel podcasts worth listening to.

Globalhobos Stories

This beauty is one of the greatest storytelling podcasts known to humankind. Travelling the world is never perfect and we bet some of your greatest memories involve missing flights, losing luggage and getting very, very lost in bustling cities. Globalhobos delivers the wonderful, exciting, terrifying and amusing tales of misadventure and even things that? will leave you ready for your next slate of travel.

The Thought Card

Welcome to The Thought Card podcast. This bad boy is more of a hybrid podcast, think travel meets finance. It’s basically for anyone who wants to spend their hard-earned money on the things and experiences they value. Want to pay off debt and earn more? How about exploring new destinations and travelling the world? Well, you've come to the right place. 

Jump Podcast

If travelling and sticking to a budget is high on your agenda then plug into Jump. Formerly known as The Budget-Minded Traveller, Jackie (your host) will guide you through all things adventure and lifestyle to motivate you to move and get out and see the world. This one is a big source of useful travel advice and massive inspiration.


For all things on sustainable travel, you really can’t look any further than the addictive podcast of Ecolust. Aussie millennials Chris and Hayley are big on travel but want to live better for the planet, for others and for themselves. These guys delve into how to create a morning routine while travelling, how to reduce food waste, everything on intentional money and intentional living, slow and sustainable travel and even how to return to normalcy after long-term travel. Needless to say, they’re an absolute dream to listen to.

Indie Travel

Full-time travellers Craig and Linda Martin share all the tips and tricks on how to travel well alongside a few glasses of wine (which we love). From highlighting the best places to drink beer around the world and the best summer festivals to all things travel insurance and their hacks for long transit days, this crew will leave you wanderlusting over your next trip and future ones to come, hard.

Awake At Night

Awake At Night is more of a storytime podcast than it is a “personal travel” podcast but we guarantee this one will go down as one your all-time favourites. Brought to you by the United Nations Refugee Agency, this one is filled with extraordinary stories from people who have chosen to put themselves in harm’s way to help refugees. Hosted by Melissa Flemming, episodes take you through what it takes to be a humanitarian worker in some of the world’s most difficult locations and you’ll listen to people who fled the terror of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, people from the Yazidi minority in northern Iraq and those from Bulgaria who endured Europe’s refugee crisis.

Taste Trekkers' Find Dining Podcast

For the foodies out there, draw your tastebuds over to the Taste Trekkers’ Find Dining podcast. For foodies who love to travel and travellers who love food, these juicy episodes are brought to you by Seth Resler. Each week, he chats with a culinary expert from a different city about their local dining scene and delves into themes of food tourism, the philosophy of food, ballpark food and even the evolution of fruit.

Women Who Travel

Conde Nast Traveller editors Lale Arikoglu and Meredith Carey dissect the realities of travelling as women in today’s world in Women Who Travel. The two majorly celebrate all of those across the globe shaking it up in food, hospitality, adventure and travel journalism and topics span what it means to slow down, anxiety, solo travelling, all-women trips, how to balance travelling for a long-distance relationship and any frequently asked travel questions too.

And here are all the most 'grammable places to stay around the world.

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