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5 Of The Best New Podcasts Dropping In July

By Morgan Reardon
9th Jul 2021

Our love affair with podcasts runs deep, and this month is no different. Whether you’re keen for a new listen to get you through your workout or if you’ve just burned through your latest Netflix binge, we’ve found this month’s best new podcasts to plug into. 

As per usual, we’ve got you covered with a generous serving of true crime and inspiring stories. You know the drill. Fire up the playlist, here are all the podcasts worth bingeing this month.

Pieces Of Britney

If you’ve been following the outrageous #FreeBritney saga then you’ll want to dive into this binge-worthy podcast. Journalist Pandora Sykes pieces together what we know about Spears and her ongoing battle with conservatorship. Through a mix of documentary, archive and interviews, the podcast also uses dramatic interpretation to bring Spears and her world to life. Whether you’re a fan of Spears or not, this podcast goes deep on how we treat women in the public eye. Listen to the new series here

The Trials Of Frank Carson

From the same brilliant Los Angeles Times reporter who brought us Dirty John comes a new eight-episode true crime podcast. Taking place in California’s Central Valley, the series follows Frank Carson, Stanislaus County’s most controversial defense attorney. Carson racked up legal wins for decades—he was the terror of police and prosecutors, often accusing them personally of corruption. When a small-time thief disappeared, police launched a massive investigation, charging Carson with murder, accusing him of masterminding a conspiracy. Deep dive on the case here. 

Drama Queens

Fans of One Tree Hill will want to listen to this newbie stat. Rewind the clock and plug into Drama Queens hosted by BFFs Brooke, Peyton and Haley (AKA Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton and Joy Lenz). In the podcast they’ll dissect every episode, deliver every detail you must know, and devote themselves to you as you rewatch every single scene together. Guaranteed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, the trio will also reveal some cheeky behind the scenes gossip that true fans will eat right up. Have a listen here

The Broke Generation 

Want to get on top of your finances? Learn how to invest or just need someone to break down the tricky jargon most money experts dish out? It's time to bless your ears with your new BFF and millennial money expert Emma Edwards. Funny, relatable and making finance talk fun (trust us), Edwards will break down everything from emotional spending triggers to how to tackle burnout with some awesome guests and experts along for the ride. If you’ve been thinking it’s about time you upped your finance game, this podcast is for you. Have a listen right here

Talk Thirty To Me

It’s that milestone age so many of us build up in our head. But how bad can turning the big 3-0 really be? Actress Christie Hayes and husband, comedian Justin Coombes-Pearce are answering this question in their new podcast Talk Thirty To Me. In each episode they'll chat with a special guest (including the likes of Tim Robards, Lola Berry and Tammin Sursok), finding out what they learnt in their 20s and why their 30s might just be their best decade yet. There will be laughter and tears as they figure out that life really does begin at 30! Listen to it here

Need more podcast goodness? Scare yourself silly with these chilling true crime podcasts.

Image Credit: Cottonbro/Pexels

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