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Spice Up Your Life With 7 Of The Juiciest Sex Podcasts Around

By Jessica Best
26th Nov 2019


Let’s cut to the chase. There’s a big pool of sex podcasts sitting out there (most likely full with lots of banana inflatables) in the world and wading through the underwhelming to get the amazing ones can be kind of, well… hard.

Behold, the absolute top line-up of sex podcasts worth your sweet time and energy. From sex robots to erotic fanfiction and celestial sex to full-blown kink, prepare to be blessed with hilarious anecdotes, big facts and dirty discussions.

Here are all the best sex podcasts to get into.

Bobo And Flex

If you’re a true stan of the Bobo and Flex you’ll know this gem isn’t exclusively all about le sex. However, the sex-related discussions, anecdotes and philosophical queries that take place on this podcast (like what does it really mean if you like doing it with the lights off?) are too brilliant so here she lies. These legends are ridiculously articulate and get into all the gritty details from everything like general romance and dating all the way to BDSM and fantasies.


Consider yourself a pro on all things pop culture? Love a bit of creativity weaved into your fantasies? Fangasm has your name all over it. Housing a tonne of horned-up stories, beloved characters plus a delicious dose of comedic commentary this podcast is hosted by hornballs Allie LeFevere, Lyndsay Rush and Danny Chapman. The trifecta basically trawls through a bunch of very hot, very steamy chapters from an erotic fanfiction story and we’ll just leave it at that.

Celestial Sex

We know, we know – the fascination with the mormon world never really ends so plug yourself into the weirdly fascinating beauty of Celestial Sex and be prepared for many a mind-blown moment. Recorded in LA, expect a whole lot of talks with post-mormons, ex-mormons, jacked-mormons, actual mormons and awkward as hell interviews on how this clan explains the way babies are made and why they view sex as so precious and sacred.

Turn Me On

We rate Turn Me On for two reasons. The first is because hosts Jeremie and Bryde are a married polyamorous couple breaking the figurative love-shackles around what it means to be a sexual being in the world. The second is because these guys defy all the heteronormative so-so chat on sex and dive headfirst into sex with disabilities, sex work, STDs, gender binary and polygamous sex.

Why Are People Into That?

Much like its name suggests, Why Are People Into That? gets very much into the bedroom and under the covers of well… why people just are into it. Run by queer icon, former porn star and sex educator Tina Horn, topics ebb and flow between what it means to be sapiosexual, consent and the rise of people having a glorious witch complex.

U Up?

If you’re craving for a podcast that perfectly manifests dating and sex in the 21st Century, sit tight because U Up? is like listening to a playback of your very own life. Presented by Betches co-founder Jordana Abraham and comedian Jared Freid, this podcast delves into whether you should delete posts of your ex online, whether wanting to date rich people is a bit bloody weird and a heap, and we mean a heap of weird sexual encounters.

Future Of Sex

Hailing in hard from the land Down Under, you’ll find tech strategist meets researcher meets sex and relationships coach (just casually) Byrony Cole chatting her way through the big issues impacting well, the future of sex. That means you’re in for a whole lot of listenings about Tinder, robot sex, VR and nude Tumblrs.

Feeling hot under the collar? These podcasts may be just what you need.

Image credit: Yana Nikulina

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