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8 Of The Most Life Changing Career Books Worth Getting Around

By Jessica Best
15th Oct 2019


If charging up your career game has been a priority this year, then you’ve come to the right place. Sure, Barefoot Investor definitely copped the limelight for a fair while but we’ve compiled an epic list of books that will not only inspire you to get a hold of this whole “savings” thing but also live your best employment life.

Spanning all things like money management, how to not become a bazillionaire (but something close to it), emotions in the workplace and even how to actually switch off and stop obsessing over emails during annual leave, these reads will be your answer to road-mapping your best ever career (whatever that might be).

Here are all the most inspiring career books worth reading now.

You’re Not Broke, You’re Pre-Rich

By Emilie Bellet

Sink your mitts into this modern-day money manifesto stat. You’re Not Broke, You’re Pre-Rich is the handy little life hack that will absolutely annihilate your brain cells (in a good way) on all things to do with renting, buying a home, getting a better salary, managing a credit card, understanding your net worth, saving more money, living within your budget, building a pension, investing and paying off any accumulated debt (we’re looking at you HECS). This gem is easy to read, even while you’re working your sweet time through Netflix.

Iced Beer And Other Tantalising Tips For Life

By Lee Lin Chin (And Chris Leben)

She’s as much of a style icon as she as the face of SBS and world news in general but Lee Lin Chin is also the absolute metaphorical archdiocese of nailing post-uni life and amping up your career game. If you’re wanting an accurate no-frills description of what it’s like reading this book, it’s like diving into the diary of an absolute queen who didn’t nab a Gold Logie. And we love it. Written with all the wit and flair, Iced Beer And Other Tantalising Tips For Life is the ultimate guide to living your best employed (or funemployed if that’s where you’re at) life.

Go Fund Yourself

By Alice Tapper

You can thank Alice Tapper for harnessing all the mean and actionable tips on how to be a damn champion at managing money. Not about cutting back coffee or becoming a bazillionaire overnight (let’s be reasonable here folks), Go Fund Yourself is the basic read on what you pretty much should have been taught at school but you know… weren’t. We love this one because it also delves into some big my important financial challenges if you’re working today, from what the #RichKidsofInstagram have to do with you and your money and why spending no longer means owning.

No One Is Too Small To Make A Difference

By Greta Thunberg

In August 2018 a 15-year-old Swedish girl (oh yell yeah, we're talking about Greta Thunberg), decided not to go to school one day. Her actions ended up sparking a global movement for action against the climate crisis, inspiring millions of people to go on strike for our planet, forcing governments to listen, and earning her a Nobel Peace Prize nomination. This 80-page godsend (which is in no way an exaggeration), brings you Greta in her own words and trust us, it sits at the very top of the inspiration scale. It's a glorious collection of her speeches that have made history across Europe, from the UN to mass street protests. No One Is Too Small to Make A Difference is a rallying cry for why we all need to wake up and fight to protect the living planet, no matter how powerless we feel and it'll 100 per cent light a fire in your soul. 

Empire State Of Mind

By Zack O’Malley Greenburg

You’ve got to admire any human who has literally turned their own self into a lifestyle. Enter Jay-Z. You can stream every one of his songs in seconds on Spotify, spritz yourself with his latest cologne, slip on a pair of his Rocawear jeans, lace up your Reebok S. Carter sneakers, watch baseball star Robinson Cano smack a couple of hits in an afternoon game, and grab a feed at The Spotted Pig (if you’re somehow out New York way). Yep, this guy profits at every turn of your day. Empire State of Mind reveals the story behind Jay Z's rise as told by the people who lived it with him, from classmates at Brooklyn's George Westinghouse High School and the childhood friend who got him into the drug trade, to the DJ who persuaded him to stop dealing and focus on the music. Now with new interviews with industry insiders like Russell Simmons, Alicia Keys, and J. Cole—more than one hundred in total—this book explains just how Jay Z propelled himself from the bleak streets of Brooklyn to the heights of the business world.

7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

By Stephen R. Covey

We get it. You’ve heard about this read one too many times in casual conversation or on an awkward Bumble date but rest assured, she isn’t underrated. Just like how Frank Ocean’s Blonde is a stone’s throw from any passionate artist, 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People is more or less a designated rule-book to living out your best career worth having within arm’s reach. Or at least somewhere on your bookshelf. Written back in 1989 (your favourite Handmaid’s Tale first saw the light back in 1985 before you pass any judgement), this worldwide best-seller has made its mark across cultures. It’s made up of a juicy 432 pages which influenced presidents, CEOs, educators and individuals to not only up their career game but live out their lives with integrity, dignity and success in all areas.

No Hard Feelings

By Liz Fosslien And Mollie West Duffy
Let’s be honest, emotions in the workplace can be a weird topic of conversation but we love this sneaky 300-pager because it’s a hilarious and illustrated roadmap (there’s an actual BINGO for meetings) on how to tackle it firsthand. No Hard Feelings works through how you can stop an office grouch from ruining your day, how to actually switch off and enjoy a vacation without obsessing about the unanswered emails in your inbox and if you're a boss, what you should do when your new, eager hire wants to follow you on Instagram.

Shoe Dog: A Memoir By The Creator Of Nike

By Phil Knight

Ever wondered what it would be like to be the big brain behind the world’s most famous “swoosh”? Of course you have. Nike founder and board chairman Phil Knight (notorious for being media-shy) spills all the tea on the early days of Nike as an intrepid start-up and its evolution into one of the world’s most iconic, game-changing and profitable brands. This bad boy also just happens to be one of Bill Gate’s favourite books too.

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