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6 Podcasts You Need To Get Into This Month

By Victoria Cotman
12th Jul 2019

Somehow, July has become betterment month. We’ve got podcasts to help you manage your money, your love life, and adulting in general. We’ve even got podcasts to level-up your history and current affairs knowledge. Guys, we’re all going to be so together, teenagers will want to be us when they grow up.

Here are six podcasts to binge this month. 

She’s On The Money

Aaaah, money. Do you understand it? Maybe. But just in case you have a friend who doesn’t, She’s On The Money is all you need to know for handling those cash dollars like the kind of person who actually does their taxes. Made by a Millennial, and therefore almost certainly not containing tips about eating less avocado toast, this podcast is all about gaining “financial freedom”. Let’s get this bread. Head here to listen.


Adulting. It is so very much harder than any of us expected and at this point, all we can do is laugh. Which is exactly why Adulting hosts Michelle Buteau and Jordan Carlos invite comedians onto the podcast each week to discuss, and mock, the challenges of being a grown up. Like, is it ok to eat cereal for dinner? And what is the correct way to put your shoes and socks on? Together, we can uncover these mysteries. Head here to listen.

Love Etc.

We are solving all the problems this month. Next up, your love life. Presented by Bumble Australia (yeah, you read that right) Love etc. is about dating, relationships, and proving that everyone is making it up as they go along. Make a love connection, right through your headphones.

Getting Curious 

The queen of all self-improvement shows, Queer Eye, is returning to our screens in a matter of days, so if you’re not already Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness, now is a great time to start. Yass, the podcast has been going for a while, but don’t let that stop you, because every episode is self-contained. Basically, JVN is curious about something – anything (what it’s like to be non-binary, figure skating, the political climate of South America) – so he calls in an expert to discuss the subject and we all learn together. 

The Betoota Advocate Podcast

We all know The Betoota Advocate, Australia’s answer to The Onion, and we all love it for being the news but… better. With the same BDE that generates those iconic Betoota headlines, Clancy Overell and Errol Parker bring current affairs to the podsphere, making us laugh so we don’t cry. Again, it’s been around for a while, but hey, it’s called “news” for a reason.

Nice Try!

History with a side of schadenfreude, Nice Try! tells the stories of the people who tried to design a better world… and failed. The first season explores the idea of utopia, and the many ways in which we have attempted to achieve it, from suburbia to fascist architecture. If you’re going to learn anything, why not learn what not to do, right?

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Image credit: Dave Kotinsky

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