How To Impress Your Out-Of-Town Mates

By Olivia Atkinson
20th Jan 2016

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When your out-of-town mates rock up for a weekend and request to ‘do all the things’, it’s easy to feel the pressure. After all, it’s suddenly your sole responsibility to show them how awesome the City of Sails really is.

And while some people can conjure a mental itinerary in a matter of minutes, the rest of us are left scratching our heads, wondering how the hell we’re going to keep our interloper mates entertained (besides the obligatory BYOs and brunch, of course).

Here at The Urban List, we know a thing or two about this glorious city, so we’ve put together an extensive schedule of activities, guaranteed to impress your peeps. 

Day 1 

Rise and shine! Drag your visitors out of bed for a walk up One Tree Hill or Mount Eden. You’ll get a sterling view of the city you’re about to explore.

It’s going to be a jam-packed weekend, so best you fuel up with Auckland’s best breakfasts. Or hoon out to the Matakana Farmer’s Markets for the morning.

Once that’s done, go for a quick shop for treasures along K Road or at Junk & Disorderly or Flotsam and Jetsam. One shouldn’t leave Auckland without a retro memento.

If your visitor is a bookworm, a visit to Hard To Find in Onehunga or Mt Eden’s Time Out is a must. Alternatively, stay in the city and let them browse the shelves of Unity Books.

There so many of nooks and crannies in the CBD, we’d be crazy to dictate exactly where you need to go, but these are a few of our favourites:

Giapo is the place to go for beautifully garnished and damn delicious ice cream in Auckland.

Definitely worth a visit is the Auckland Art Gallery, which houses of 15,000 pieces of artwork and often has mind-blowing installations.

Head down to North Wharf where you’ll get to watch Auckland’s sails in action. Stop by The Conservatory for a drink in the sun before making your way to Ortolana or Beirut for dinner in Britomart. And if it turns into a full-blown night out on the town, don’t forget to end it with a burger from The White Lady.

However, if you find yourself in Ponsonby in the arvo, pop into Little & Friday for a caffeine hit and doughnuts before teeing up a reservation at one of Ponsonby’s best restaurants. Make sure you introduce your mates to Bedford Soda & Liquor afterwards. 

Day 2

Day two dawns and you and your crew might be feeling a bit dusty, but if not, you might want to jump on a ferry to Waiheke for day at Cable Bay Vineyard.

However, if food is what you need, La Cigale Markets is the answer. From cheesy croque monsieurs and crepes to superfood smoothies and paella, there will be something to cure that hangover.

Time to get your walk on again. Jump in the car and go west to Piha for a wander to the Kitekite falls or one of the many other stunning waterfalls in Auckland.

Or opt for the hair of the dog and drink a couple of brews at Deep Creek Brewing Co.

No doubt the stomachs are now grumbling again. Embark on a yum cha extravaganza at Grand Harbour or get a taste of Vietnam at Try It Out in Otahuhu.

You’re probably tuckered out by now and hopefully your out-of-town mates are on their way. Crash on the couch and give yourself a pat on the back for showing them one helluva weekend in Auckland.

It’s as easy as that. 

Looking to add more to your itinerary? We’ve got 50 Things You Should Have Done If You Live In Auckland

Image credit: Libby Robinson, Nikita Patel and Flickr

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