47 Secret Santa Presents For Less Than $20

By Rachel Pool
11th Dec 2015

christmas gift ideas

‘Tis the season to be jolly…and Santa. Whether it’s at the office, Uni or just a group of friends, chances are that you’ve been hit up to be Secret Santa to at least one person this year. Instead of the usual (boring) box of chocolates, novelty ice cube tray or humourous (less) mug, get creative and choose gifts that people will actually want to receive. 

We’ve searched high and low to make it easy for you with 47 gift ideas to match any interest or personality type. While nobody will know it was you, your gift will be the most thoughtful—without any of the effort.

Go forth and shop!

  1. For the entertainer: Add a novelty pack of Christmas toothpicks to these three dip dishes and she’ll be the hostess with the mostess. Or the host with most. ($13.99)
  2. For the writer with a conscience: Get them this cute journal and Frank will give the same gift to a NZ child in need—it’s win-win! ($19.95)
  3. For the metrosexual: Give the gift of hygiene to someone in need with this soap that gently moisturises and exfoliates.  ($14.95)
  4. For the dog lover: Who couldn't love that face? Canine lovers will rejoice to receive one of these tea towels. ($16)
  5. For the breakfast fiend: Buying for your colleague who eats their breakfast at their desk each and every single morning? Well give them the perfect start to the day with personalised muesli. (From $16)
  6. For the chocoholic: Chocolates are a no-brainer for almost anyone right? But forget the supermarket options, why not salted caramel or craft beer($13.50)
  7. For the café hopper: For your recipient who is a serial café visitor, let them re-create the experience at home with this cup and saucer that’s used at some of the best cafes in Auckland. ($12)
  8. For anyone! (over 18!): There’s no better tipple than a delicious rosé to celebrate the holiday season—and there’s plenty to celebrate so give them something to it in style! 
  9. For the beer lovin’ folks: No we’re not suggesting you buy them a doz do-bros. Step up your game and grab them a glass 1 litre flagon to fill next time they visit Hallertau Brewery. 
  10. For the muso: Give the gift of music and let them download the bangers of their choice with a $20 iTunes voucher
  11. For the American missing home: What’s better than peanut butter & jelly? Grab a some of NZ’s best peanut butter and a jar of summer fruit jam to keep them happy all summer long. ($8 and $7)
  12. For the seriously hard recipient: Usually socks are in the boring category for Secret Santa but these bad boys are a solid bet. ($19)
  13. For the gals: There’s few gifts better for the girls than scented candles. They’re so great to receive as it’s one of those things we hate spending coin on! 
  14. For the book worm: Ignite their passion for the written word with these classics
  15. For the person who has everything: Get them something to keep all that stuff in!  ($19.90)
  16. For the nature lover: Get them a little bit’a greenery from the bedside or even the desk. ($18)
  17. For the wordsmith: Even the world’s most avid Words with Friends addict will be happy with this fridge magnet to showcase their intellect. ($19.99)
  18. For the ultimate chiller: If bubble baths are a serious thing for you chilled out recipient, they’ll love you for getting them this. Bonus points for the lack of animal testing—and the pre-wrapping! ($17.50)
  19. For the conscious consumer: Give the gift to those who really need it. With Eat My Lunch, you can purchase a Give Two lunch which will provide a nutritious lunch to some of Auckland’s most deserving children at low-decile schools. 
  20. For the Nadia Lim wannabe: All aspiring chefs know that all that time spent in the kitchen, wrist deep in various ingredients and hot soapy water can wreak havoc on the old paws, so treat your foodie recipient to some of this cream. ($19)
  21. For the stress cat: Give your recipient a whole lotta chill the f… out and get them into the practice of mindfulness. Anti-stress art for seriously busy people—maybe a good one for your boss if they won’t be offended. ($20)
  22. For the Pinterest decorator: For the person who already has a bedroom full of inspirational quotes printed in cursive. Live, laugh, lol. ($18)
  23. For the bliss ball nut: Give them the gift they really want. Instead of them needing to shell out $5 every time they want a ball of goodness, gift them this pack to make for the 3pm slump. ($16.98)
  24. For the groomed lady: Well any lady really—nail polish always go down a treat. Go for a colour that suits their personality and style. 
  25. For the green fingers: Gardeners will delight at opening up this beautiful and practical tool with rustic wooden handle. ($18)
  26. For the green juicer: Look no further than this smoothie cup with straw. The clear cup means that they can show off just how much foliage is in there as they sip away. ($12.99)
  27. For the tea totaler: There’s plenty of great tea companies around in Auckland, but our pick for Secret Santa are these Tiny Tins of Tea. ($15)
  28. For the pamper queen: There’s little more that equates to a relaxing night in that a quality face mask. ($15)
  29. For the womaniser: Choosing for a well-known lady’s man? Give him his real little black book. ($19.99)
  30. For the hygiene freak: Soap suckers will love this gift and we have no doubt it will go straight into the “fancy guest soap cupboard.” ($14.95)
  31. For the caffeinator: You’ll get serious brownie points for giving a gift of freshly ground coffee beans from one of Auckland’s top roasters. ($12.50)
  32. For the traveller: Did you get some lucky thing who has summer travel plans? These luggage tags come in a variety of colours and are a practical gift to help them avoid any dreaded lost luggage situations. ($9.90)
  33. For the lolly lover: Make your sweet-toothed recipient seriously happy by ordering them a box jam packed with lollies. ($20)
  34. For the traditionalist: Give a seriously Christmassy gift with these gorgeous little Christmas-inspired conifers. ($18)
  35. For the sweet tooth 2.0: The perfect petals adorning Petal Cupcakes make these good-looking treats the perfect Secret Santa gift for any sweet tooth. ($20) 
  36. For the intellectual: Replicate that Einstein moment with this simple light bulb vase—a cool addition to any home whether filled with flowers or not. ($19)
  37. For the person who refuses to believe it’s December: Movember is over, Michael, let it go. Get this keyring for the person who refuses to accept that November is done and dusted and continues to twirl and gel like there’s no tomorrow. ($9.99)
  38. For the Star Wars fan: Yes the force is back with a vengeance, and all the old fans are coming out of the woodworks. For the serious Stars Wars fanatic, look no further than this melamine plate. ($19.90)
  39. For the foodie: Yes, most people seem to voluntarily fall into this category these days. But most people will also be seriously stoked with a voucher for their favourite lunch spot. Little Bird Unbakery, Burger Burger, Giapo and Moustache all do vouchers for $20.
  40. For the cookie monster: Speaking of Moustache, they’re doing giant cookies with Christmas designs. Choose from any of their incredible flavours such as Black forest, Nutella and Oreo marshmallow and have it supersized—we reckon anyone would be over the moon to receive this Secret Santa! ($20)
  41. For the lady of leisure: All that daytime napping can be absolutely ruined by that annoying summer sunlight! Or so we’ve heard… This floral sleeping mask will do just the trick. ($15)
  42. For the cat lady: We all know one. If you managed to draw a feline fanatic for Secret Santa this year, she’ll sure appreciate this ridiculous pressie—Santa hat for cats, complete with pompom and chin strap. ($13.87)
  43. For the green juicer 2.0: Kale is not just an acquired taste, it’s also damn difficult to prepare. Take away the stress and give your green juicing recipient a helping hand with this kale stripper. ($19.95)
  44. For the DIYer: Any home handyman/woman will be uber pleased to be gifted this handy storage box. Sure, they’ll probably already have one, but can you really have too many?! Apparently not. ($16.97)
  45. For the MAMIL: That’s Middle-aged-man-in-lyrca for the uninitiated. Give the guy who rides to work a fitting and oh-so very practical gift this Christmas—Sweet Cheeks Butt Butter to deal with that chaffing. ($20.00)
  46. For the Wine-o: For all those who love a good pinot or sav, they’ll also love this giftpack of a Koala cooler bag and corkscrew. ($18.99)
  47. For the person with the virtuous lifestyle: Give them the gift of inspiration. One of our favourite Auckland healthy eateries publishes these gorgeous journals filled with recipes, photography and aspirational words from renowned NZ writers, blogger and photographers. ($16)

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