12 New Beauty Products To Shop This Month

By Ava Wardecki

The new gissou lip oil looks fabulous

You'd be forgiven for mistaking this edition of Beauty News as a succulent little shopping list. The new beauty drops of late are simply ripe with jellied textures, honeyed scents, berry-filled infusions and colours so pretty you could bite into them. They're really confections for your skin, tresses and senses. That, and some seriously high-tech developments to our beauty go-to's. 

Consider Beauty News as your digital beauty buff best friend, ready to dish up a monthly dose of everything you need to know, shop and add to your beauty hit list. Run, don't walk, beauty lovers of Aotearoa.


a droplet on scalpImage credit: TYPEBEA | Supplied

When the godmother of ingestible beauty moves into haircare, we listen. So naturally, when Anna Lahey of VIDA glow fame’s TypeBea comes on the scene with its G1 Overnight Boosting Peptide Serum, we add to cart. And when regrown or thicker hair comes as simply as massaging into clean roots and snoozing, we work it into our evening routine. 

Hydration On Hand

a pretty purple tube of hand balmImage credit: Aēsop | Supplied

There’s a fine line between a seriously hydrating hand cream and feeling like you’re wearing a glove of oil—and we’re pleased to say, that Aēsop’s latest confection is very much the former.

Mandarin rind, rosemary leaf, clove bud, and cedar atlas lend their skin-softening properties and scent to the new Eleos Aromatique Hand Balm. Oh, and let’s be real, the gorgeous violet packaging lends itself to *that* Instagram snap. It’s a winner all round, in our books. 

Gisou To Me, Baby

A pretty, pink-toned woman with watermelon Image credit: MECCA | Supplied

Our favourite gloopy little honey lip confection got even more slurpable.

Summer-toned shades of ‘Watermelon Sugar’, ‘Strawberry Sorbet’ and ‘Mango Passion Punch’ are joining Gisou’s lip oil repertoire—although you’d be forgiven for mistaking them for your booty calls’ nicknames on your phone. They’re plumping, hydrating, a touch tinting and even a bit glistening.

Gun’na Be Covered

Scandi-chic designerImage credit: The Skin Wardrobe | Supplied

Here’s a sentence with ‘oil’ and ‘SPF’ that won’t give you a heart palpitation: oat, wheat germ and rosehip oils make Gun Ana’s newly-landed SPF at The Skin Wardrobe a triple threat. Their very own signature brew, no less. Throw in some hyaluronic complex, fatty acids and vitamins E, C and A and you’ve got your next season-proof, daily, SPF50. 

Holme-Coming Queen

A glowy woman holding Holme Beauty's powder compactImage credit: Holme Beauty | Supplied

Your grapple with finicky, cakey and sticky powder is over. Australia’s Holme Beauty—your new favourite label from across the ditch—is keeping up its winning streak with the Empowder Duette.

Two tones—one luminously light, one matched to either Light/Medium or Medium/Dark complexions (and we hear there’s one for deep tones en route)—endless options for luminous touches. All bundled into a pretty marble, 13g (that’s generous FYI) case with its own pouffe? Love.  

Tinted Love

A bunch of skincare swatches around a tubeImage credit: Revlon | Supplied

With these shorter autumn days, it’s really only fitting your beauty routine follows suit. The latest in Revlon’s Illuminance collection, the Serum Tint, is here for it: a light, buildable complexion enhancer with just the tinge of colour in 10 adjustable shades, with SPF15, Triple Hyaluronic Acid, ginger root and vitamins (basically, everything you’d want in a moisturiser or serum to start your day) galore added in. It’s all about working smarter, people (oh and their newly-minted, perfectly-angled Foundation Brush sees to that).

Damage Control

A pretty tube of purple masque in a bathroomImage credit: Joico | Supplied

The world of hair masques can be overwhelmingly, well, overwhelming. So let us keep it simple: KBond20 Defy Damage Power Masque by Joico is your best bet for repairing damage of all kinds—if you couldn’t tell by the name. It’ll repair the protein bonds, supply it with 18 essential amino acids and build bonds for 5x stronger hair. And that’s a fact. 

Gua For It, Girl

A silver body gua sha tool on a shoulderImage credit: Kit: | Supplied

It’s a gua sha tool, but not as you know it. Every nook and cranny—literally—in Kit:’s Gua Sha Body Tool is designed to melt away the stress of daily living. There’s a wavy edge for deep lymphatic drainage, a svelte comb angle to boost skin cell’s health and circulation. And for those deep knots and tight jaws (after all, your visage *is* still part of your body,) there’s a pointed tip for a touch of precision. 

45-Plus A Day

A burst of greenery around the bottle of supplementsImage credit: Jeuneora | Supplied

Beauty starts from the inside. With 45 gut-loving fruits and vegetables, to be precise, so says the Greens+ Super Powder, Jeunora’s latest creation. Or should we say confection, seeing as it’s on the delicious end of the supplement taste spectrum?

Enzymes to reduce bloating and digest better, nine superfoods, plant extracts, and gut-loving fermented bacteria from 36 fermented fruits and vegetables. Your shopping list could never.

Seventh Heaven

A bottle of Activator 7 Oil in a bottle by Sans CeuticalsImage Credit: Sans Ceuticals | Supplied

It turns out one *can* improve on perfection. Proof is in the pudding—rather, Sans Ceuticals’ iconic Activator 7 Oil—with Lipo-Vitamin C into the mix alongside A, E and all the omegas.

Ramping up this iconic product’s status as the vitamin blend of the century, it’s worth noting that the Vitamin C actually makes the overall Activator more stable and able to reach deeper into the skin. Now there’s a cocktail to leave your face, body and hair thoroughly refreshed. 

Laundry Service

A slice of lime and perfume bottleImage Credit: Abel |

It’s time to rethink your relationship to your chores, so says Wellington perfumer Abel. Everything fresh, a little homely, is bottled into their latest fragrance ‘Laundry Day,” which is a direct nod to the energy of spring. Naturally, the fresh-sheet comfort and invigoration of fresh bedding is distilled into notes of freshly cut grass, passionfruit, and sun-drenched citrus.

Sugar n’ Spice

A tiny bottle of fragrance in a handImage Credit: Lush | Supplied

Patron saints of all-encompassing fragrances have turned their sights to fine, limited-edition perfume. Well, we should say, their very own Alina has, creating an eponymous scent from three different fragrance profiles—each representing a generation born in the last 100 years. Three fragrance waves await: a sweet hello with bergamot and warm amber, then a floral and powdery orris and jasmine mid-note, followed by gently wooding. Like a rorschach test, but for your schnoz. And encased in a chic, heavy glass bottle.

A Holiday For Your Senses

a series of three deodorants in different coloursImage Credit: Noosa Basics | Supplied

It turns out that dental floss, deodorant, acne treatments and all of life’s necessities can be both organic and chic. Enter Noosa Basics: a rather wholesome one-stop shop for your bathroom’s accoutrements. Deodorants—be it in a glass roll-on, spray or even in a tinned, cream form. Even dental floss gets a cavity-friendly flavourful spin, with cardamom and spearmint infusions. Oh, and they’re also the confectors of one of the most bang-for-buck hair growth Scalp Serums to land on shelves. Stock up, swan around with that feel-good glow, thank us later.

She Smells Sea Shells 

Seashells candles in a set of fourImage Credit: Raglan Candles | Supplied

It turns out that one of New Zealand’s best beach destinations churns out some equally nautic, idyllic candles. We’re talking about Raglan Candles’ newly-minted line of Stonewear candles. Far from your mum’s nineties-style seashell decor, these creations are chic and poured full of their delectable scents—Strawberry and Champagne, Pea and Jasmine, Oud and Bergamot, Sweet Lime and Mandarin, to name a few.

Hard Lacquer

A hand with pretty manicuresImage Credit: OPI | Supplied

When you’re not up to committing an hour of your hands’ time to a nail appointment, smack that gel-lamp out of the way and reach for OPI’s latest line, Infinite Shine Gel-like Laquer. The name says it all really. The liquid is pre-cured (yep, it exists) for a quick adhesion and even comes off without a soak. The result is quick, impossibly shiny and—with a few layers—that gloriously gloopy texture we know and love. Nail appointment small talk who?

Heavenly Nails

St Agni nail polish in two bottlesImage credit: St Agni | Supplied

Consider your head-to-toe chic transformation complete: St Agni, the patron saint of pared-back chic dressing, has whipped up four nail polishes of its own. From a pewter to a porcelain tone, or even a fiery red, this tight curation provides the literal polish to your look. Fashion is poetry, right?

Land Of Milk And Jelly

Image credit: Milk Makeup | Sephora

You’d be forgiven for mistaking your beauty cabinet for a pantry, given the Cooling Water Jelly Tint's rich berry tones, glassy sheerness and bouncy texture.

Swipe over your lips, and your cheeks—do it as many times until you reach peak pigment—and you’re good to go. Alongside being irresistible to the senses, know that vegan collagen, seawater and aloe kiss your skin with refreshing benefits.

The Hair Gods Have Spoken

Shark® SmoothStyle™ Heated Comb Straightener + Smoother in use​Image credit: Shark Beauty | Supplied

Brush, blow dry, comb again, straighten, detangle for the 22nd time—we think not, thank you very much. The road to smooth, silky-straight hair is paved with heated, soothing combs and a double-whammy of expertly spaced bristles on the Shark® SmoothStyle™ Heated Comb Straightener + Smoother. There’s a Wet-Hair Mode for a minimalist soaked-to-salon-hair transition, as well as a classic Dry Hair Mode for everyday styling in between. 

Berry Good

Image credit: Glow Recipe | Supplied

It turns out that Cloudberry’s appeal extends far beyond the kitchen and the odd jam jar, but in our beauty cabinets and on our skin. More than *just* a toner, Glow Recipe’s Cloudberry Essence Toner reduces hyperpigmentation and softens up the skin’s radiance factor.

Oh and for the cherry—sorry, berry—on top, know that it helps maximise the absorption of any serums that come after. 

Welcome Back, Honey

A glossy pair of lips and a bottle of the shimmering lip oilImage credit: Gisou | Mecca

Speaking of favourites being renewed, Gisou’s Lip Oil is here with a shimmery twist. Pearlescent, golden, glossy and not at all sticky—basically every adjective we love in a beauty product.

But get in quick, okay? Like all things glossy and good, she’s here for a good time, not a long time. 

Drops For A Cause

A stone-like bottle of RAAIE SPF50 against dewy skinImage credit: RAAIE | Facebook

Consider your love for RAAIE’s Sun Milk Drops officially renewed. Nope, not because of the seriously pretty pottle housing what is easily one of the best SPFs in the land—but rather, founder Katey Mandy’s mission to swipe tax right off SPF products in Aotearoa.

Get yourself a top-up, sign the petition, and bask in your doing a good deed for the country.

Red Armour

Red Aleph Pottles on a white backgroundImage credit: Aleph Beauty | Supplied

Two of Aotearoa’s creative greats have collided, resulting in an effortless, feminine and downright eye-catching creation: The Limited Edition Gloria Cheek/Lip Tint.

Aleph Beauty’s staple dual-purpose tint meets Kate Sylvester’s own signature pout, in a tone that keeps this theme of duality going strong: a perfect red, with an orange hit.

A Golden Hatch

Golden bath bomb in frothy yellow bathwaterImage credit: Lush | Facebook

You’re the Easter treat this year with Lush’s Golden Egg melt on the scene, or rather, glitter-bombing your bath and any nearby surfaces.

Combine two indulgences in one with its caramelised, honeyed scent and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter decadence—not to mention, the hypnotic colour show going on in your bath water.

Staying Pout-er 

A line up of pretty pink Revlon lipsticks in tubesImage credit: Revlon | Supplied

There’s to love about Revlon’s ColorStay Limitless Matte Lipstick. A pretty price point and shades on all ends of the high-voltage spectrum, for starters. On the topic of points, the applicator—patented, no less—takes the win for allowing us to closely line lips and sculpt crisp Cupid’s bows.

Despite being matte, it’s so supple that you’d forget your lips were coated—until you pass a mirror and see a bold, even splash of colour staring back at you.

I’m So Jelly

A line up of candy-coloured round lipped oils with round topsImage credit: Too Faced | Mecca

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, we’re in the era of jelly (and no, we’re not talking about the 2013 resurgence of jelly sandals). Too Faced has whipped up Kissing Jelly Lip Oil Gloss flavours that’ll take you right back to childhood candy nostalgia—think Raspberry, Grape Soda and Cotton Candy—with bright colours to boot.

Don’t you worry, the zany pigments will soothe into tones easy on the eye, while 12 hours of moisture are delivered thanks to this glossy, oily and never-sticky hybrid.

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Main image credit: Shark Beauty  

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