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Karen Walker’s Latest Pop-Up Is What Dreams Are Made Of

By Albert Cho
6th Nov 2017

There were two types of people in Auckland on Friday night—the one who got rowdy at Drake, or the one who had cake and tea at a bookstore. We chose cake, tea and literature and have no regrets, whatsoever.

The greats of New Zealand—Karen Walker, Hedley Books, The Caker and Storm & India have joined together to recreate the bookstore experience for our holiday season. First thing’s first: this is not just a bookstore, it’s a book salon.

Karen Walker, widely renowned fashion icon doesn’t only define fashion in terms of cuts and fabrics. She sees fashion as something that requires enlightenment, knowledge and inspiration which she thinks can be found in books. Karen Walker says that not only does she see beauty in the words but also the weight, the look and the feel of these hardcovers and paper pages.

Playpark Summer 2017 shines a light to books which is needed in our day and age. The pop-up allows us the chance to step back and enjoy things the old school way. Karen Walker talks about summer being her chance to get away from her constantly buzzing phone and flashy screens. You imagine an idyllic getaway and it’s the little things you start to daydream about. For Karen, this is lying in a hammock and falling asleep with a book over her face, not a kindle.

Hedley Books, a bookstore that has been around for 110 years and passed down for four generations within the same family have partnered up with Karen Walker to put all their favourites together in to one room. The authenticity and passion for words of Hedley Books and modern mind of Karen Walker have created a collective mix of classic fiction, limited edition specials, fashion and more.

When we imagine an ideal way of unwinding, we don’t just picture ourselves sitting down and reading lines. We imagine a sweet treat and a soothing hot cup of tea to accompany our downtime. This is why Playpark Summer 2017 included these in their pop-up as well by collaborating with the best of the best—The Caker and Storm & India.

This isn’t the first time Karen Walker has collaborated with master baker Jordan Rondell from The Caker. After their dark chocolate and peanut butter cookie mix sold out within three days of its release, they decided to bring it back along with a new flavour: White Chocolate Hazelnut Orange. Let’s just say, when we tasted it at the opening party and it’s impossible to stop at just one. When you thought it couldn’t get any better, a sip of Storm & India’s organic teas completed the treat and added the cherry on top.

Every Saturday from the 4th of November till Christmas, the Newmarket Karen Walker Store will be transformed in to a salon of brewing floral aromas, premium literature and irresistible cakes. Enjoy your book salon experience and of course, your summer.


What: Playpark Summer 2017
When: Every Saturday from 4th November until Christmas
Where: Karen Walker, Newmarket (6 Balm St, Newmarket)

Image credit: Albert Cho

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