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Living Undocumented Is The New Series Produced By Selena Gomez You Need To Binge

By Jessica Best
4th Oct 2019


Settle in for good times this weekend because there's a sling of binge-worthy goods you need to cross off your bucket list.

Here's everything you need to binge this week.

In the Tall Grass

Well, this will put you in the mood for Halloween. Based on the novella by Stephen King (eep!) and Joe Hill, In the Tall Grass will have you avoiding lawns the same way you avoid storm drains. When siblings hear the cries of a child lost in a field, they venture out into the long grass to find him, only to become lost themselves. Is it moments, hours, or days since they last saw the road? Or each other? Or the sun? Either way, when they are found, they’re going to wish they weren’t. In the Tall Grass is out October 4.

Living Undocumented

Stephen King may be the author of fear, but there is nothing quite as frightening as living undocumented in the United States. It is a life lead terrified that at any moment you may be detained and deported, no matter how long you have lived, studied, worked, and served as an American. A life that leaves children without parents, and parents without children. Executive producer Selena Gomez brings you stories of the families risking it all to become a citizen. Living Undocumented is out now.

Raising Dion

Being a single mum is hard. Being a single mum to a kid with superpowers is harder. When a young widow’s son starts displaying special abilities, she has to find a way to help him control his gifts before anyone finds out. There are people who track powered individuals, and it’s only a matter of time before they come knocking on her door. Or worse, snatch the boy right off the street. Brought to you by executive producer Michael B. Jordan (as if he’s not already boss enough) Raising Dion is out October 4.

The Happiness Lab With Dr. Laurie Santos

We all know what will make us happy, right? The money, the car, the job, the enviable European holiday… well, according to Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos, we are all wrong. In fact, according to her research into the psychology of happiness, it’s roughly the opposite. In The Happiness Lab, Dr. Santos takes us through the same research that informs her highly popular Yale psychology course, and some incredible true stories, to help us live our best life and find true happiness. And you won’t even need to travel. 

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Image credit: Selena Gomez Instagram

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