Listen Up, Wrong Skin Is Not Your Average True-Crime Podcast

By Madison Tong
17th Jul 2018


All you true-crime fans, it’s time to stop what you’re doing and download Wrong Skin ASAP.

Done? Fab. Now here’s the down-low on the poddy.

If you know anything about Richard Baker you’ll know he’s a solid investigative journo from The Age who was also behind the epic podcast Phoebe’s Fall (which you should have already listened to by now). On the surface, this one looks into the suspicious disappearance of an Indigenous couple in 1994 but there are so many other messages that should be taken away from it, #deep.

Guys, we give you: Wrong Skin.

It tales the heavy story of Julie, a young girl promised to a much older man (we’re talking someone three times her age). She ultimately defies tradition and falls in love with a Richard—someone she’s forbidden to be with due to the kinship rules of her community.

Shock:Julie and Richard disappear. Julie’s body is found. Richard is never seen again. Evidence is lacking, as is the number of witnesses.

In a year-long investigation, Baker investigates the tragic story of these two forbidden lovers. It’s been donned an investigation into one of the most suspicious deaths in the Aussie outback and boy, are you in for it.

The first episode of Wrong Skin came out over the weekend and TBH we’re already hooked. 

And FYI, Trade should be your next doco-series binge.

Image credit: Unsplash

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