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Cue The Insomnia, This Creepy Cult Podcast Will Keep You Up At Night

By Morgan Reardon
11th Oct 2019

best podcasts october 2019

This month we’re vibing all things crime and cult-related (it is, after all nearly Halloween). We’ve even uncovered a seriously dark podcast voiced by Lisa Simpson herself! If you’re after something a little lighter we’ve got you sorted there too with a series all about cultivating more happiness and good vibes in your life. Who doesn’t need a little daily dose of that?

You know the drill. Fire up the playlist, here are all the podcasts worth bingeing this month. 

Let’s Talk About Sects 

If you were hoping for something X-rated then this isn’t for you, but if you’re after some seriously disturbing shit, then welcome to your new fave podcast. This series, as the name suggests, is indeed all about sects, deep diving into the world’s most outrageous and chilling cults. In each ep, host Sarah Steels covers everything from a cult’s history to their recruitment process and all the messed up stuff in between. Season three just dropped, and you can listen to it here

The Happiness Lab

If you have moments where you find yourself scrolling through Insta, longing for a life that isn’t yours, you’re going to want to download this baby stat. This new series is led by Yale professor Dr Laurie Santos, who has spent her life studying the art of happiness, only to discover that most of us do the exact opposite of what would truly make our lives better. As well as offering up the latest scientific research on how to achieve peak happiness, Dr Santos also interviews some pretty inspiring people who, after overcoming adversity, prove true happiness is what we make of it. 

Small Town Dicks 

Kicking off its fifth season this month, Small Town Dicks is the brainchild of Yeardley Smith—who has voiced the character of Lisa Simpson (of The Simpsons obvs) for the last three decades. Each ep, Smith teams up with anonymous twin detectives Dan and Dave to delve into the most deplorable crimes happening across small town America. This series gives you an all access pass to the crimes, think firsthand accounts by the detectives who investigated the case along with 9-1-1 calls, suspect interrogation recordings and more. 

The Squiz Shortcuts 

If you find yourself feeling a little clueless standing by the coffee machine while your co-workers discuss today’s big issues, you’ll want to add Squiz Shortcuts to your morning commute ASAP. Want to know what Donald Trump’s potential impeachment means but don’t have the energy to read a bunch of wordy articles, legends Kate Watson and Claire Kimball have you sorted with their weekly dose of info that takes you beyond the headlines. Each ep is roughly seven to 10 minutes long and will cover everything from Ash Barty to Brexit. If you want more short and sassy news drops, sign up to their daily Squiz emails—you’ll become an absolute gun at your local trivia in no time.  

Passenger List

The story of Passenger List revolves around fictional missing Atlantic Airlines flight 702 which disappeared mid-flight between London and New York with 256 passengers on board. Each episode focuses on a different passenger on the plane, each with their own dark past. The series, which has enough drama and mystery to rival your latest Netflix obsession, is led by Kaitlin Le (played by Star Wars: The Last Jedi actor Kelly Marie Tran), a college student whose twin brother vanished with the flight and is determined to uncover the truth. Probs don’t download this one for your next trip OS.

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Image credit: Alex Chernenko

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