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5 Fabulous Things To Do This Week In Auckland

By Ava Wardecki
18th Sep 2017

Oh hai der, new week. You certainley crept up on us, you sneaky thing! Once again we bid farewell to the shenanigans of the weekend and say a big helloooooo to the brand spanking new week and all its glory. This week—like any week that our lovely city treats us to—is full of a bunch of ultra cool things to do. So, to help you navigate the myriad of things on offer, we've rounded up some of the most hip and happening things to get amongst this week in Auckland. From tours to movie nights and a whole extravaganza dedicated to pirates, there's a little something for everyone this week! Go forth and enjoy, Aucklanders.

Monday 18 September

Auckland Ghost Tour


Monday mornings are spooky stuff, that’s a given. The looming 7:30am alarms and everything else that comes after is enough to make you wanna stay shivering with fear under the blankies. But this Monday, we reckon you get a dose of the good (and real) kinda spooks at a ghost tour! Tag along Auckland Ghost Tours’ trip around our city to discover and hear all about the (literal) skeletons in our city’s closet! Brace yourselves for ultra-scary topics about murders, hangings, suicide pacts and all kinds of spooky stuff. Prepare to bid farewell to a good night’s sleep for the week!

Tues 19 September

Tamale Tuesday

Dominion Road

Sorry Tacos, Tamales are the Mexican goodies that are getting a whole day in the week dedicated to them! That’s right, Tamale Tuesdays are officially in order, thanks to our pals at Las Masitas. If you haven’t had one, then make sure to hop skip and jump on over to Dominion Road from 6pm to check out their new spot at The Midnight Baker and get your hands on one of these tasty little (well, big) vegan morsels. There’ll be sweet tunes, board games, beanbags and basically everything you could ever need for a good time.

Talk Like A Pirate Day


Undoubtedly the coolest day on the whole bloomin’ calendar is none other than a whole 24 hours dedicated to talking like a pirate. In true buccaneer style, Auckland’s My Bar are teaming up with Weezledog and are throwing a proper pirate parrrrty for their hearrrties. They’ll be celebrating this day by whipping out the Dickle Ahoy (read: rum aged ruby red ale) and mixing up pirate-worthy rum mixes. Costumes are advised (there’s prizes up for grabs!) and pirate accents and rum consumption are an absolute must.

Wed 20 September

Spring Movie Night — The True Cost


Sometimes all you need in life is a good ol’ movie night. Getting snuggly somewhere comfy, munching on some yummies, all while watching a good flick = the best TLC you could ever ask for. So when you’re feeling that mid-week stump that hump day is famous for, we vote you head to I AM Co.’s Spring Movie Night at their gorgeous yoga studios, for a little dose of culture and cosiness. Here you can catch The True Cost, a doco about the nitty-gritty behind the clothing industry—all while being snuggled up on beanbags and munching away on I Am Co.’s uber yummy treats!

Thurs 21 September

Drink on the Wild Side


Booze and beersies fans—this one’s for you! Hallertau Brewery and K’Road’s Lovebucket Bar are joining forces and are bringing us lucky Aucklanders a banger of an evening dedicated to our favourite things in the world: wine, beer and cheese. Tonight won’t be about just any kind bevvies, though. It’ll be dedicated to the fabulously funky natural wines and sour beers taking the booze world by storm. You’ll be able to have your tastebuds professionally guided around a range of biodynamic, organic and unfiltered vinos as well as some mouth-puckering sour beers to become top-notch beer and wine connoisseurs! We're sensing hints of florals, sandalwood and downright deliciousness.

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